Catch the traditional tobacco through newfangled online buying tobacco spree

This is 21st century,  everything is changing so rapidly that you can not even imagine what can happen in the next few months, these changes are inevitable but some global cultures and traditions are unavoidable, one of these is tobacco usage, as history have recorded it since 1650 tobacco usage in cigarettes, cigars and hookahs in the east has been a trend for centuries. Every one knows that the concluding session for men in any social gatherings, parties, functions is smoking, or if not smoking then the smokeless variety of tobacco is a classic alternative for tobacco lovers.

Tobacco is an industry all over the world, and has been gaining momentum since 1950s, countries are earning a great deal from this industry , Canada alone is getting a share of $ 2.1 billion just by selling tobacco, despite the fact that smoking is harmful people love to enjoy the juicy nectar and sweet nut tastes of chewable tobacco, the cow boys in south America, actors in Las vegas, politicians in parliaments all are fond of the taste and relaxing effects of the  nicotine, that boosts up is what the traditional smokers crave for, after a hectic day or at the end of a crucial meeting a strong business man would go for a relaxing and the best thing for an ultimate relief is having a puff of finely crushed and fragmented tobacco.

I am calling it a tradition according to some surveys, there are 1.1 billion smokers who are suing tobacco for 5 or more years, globally there are different dynamics for tobacco usage, many poor people smoke tobacco just because they want a relief from their strenuous life and a fag and puff can help them think that they are in heaven, nicotine  is such a heavenly chemical that can change moods just in seconds, although there are many harmful effects but I think for the poor, its not that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, instead they believe specially in developing countries that a fag a day keeps the psychologist away, that is the most accurate thought a mediocre would think of, his desires and dreams for buying some voguish cars and a luxuries house might not come true but the stress can fade away by having a puff of his favorite flavored tobacco.

On the other hand there are rich and upper class community, where smoking is just a trend and fashion, in many countries actors, actresses and other artist take it as a artistic trend and smoking is a common activity, so tobacco industry can be rightly judged as a most trending and implicitly admired, acknowledged industry , but here comes a twist apart from the hidden value of tobacco peoples are compelled to agree with the scientific researches conducted in 21st which claims smoking and tobacco usage hazardous for human health, but now it has been proved by various sources that smoking and tobacco intake can be the best way of controlling your appetite and consequently it helps in reducing weight and fights obesity, well I am not asking obese people to smoke more but you can give it a try when there are so many different flavors to try, not only this researches supports that smokers are more immune to Parkinson’s disease than non smokers, this means that not every bad thing is as bad as we think.

Like every other thing, tobacco intake is also revolutionized now there are e-cigarettes, can you imagine how much traditional tobacco has been the first form of tobacco was the chewing tobacco which people do not use as often, but in rural areas it is still trending, there is a creamy puff which is also a sort of old with menthol, crushed cloves and camphor mostly used by women in the eastern India known as “mishri” these two are the smokeless types of cigarettes and  are comparatively safer than the smoking types, then the roll-on cigarettes, I think they are the classic  because you just put any flavor you like and can readily smoke it off, cigars the most fancy article, cigars are mostly expensive and majority of the consumers smoke cigars as a signature part for their attire and looks.

Anyhow it’s a global age and everything is upgrading according to the need of the day, markets have become e-shops, online shopping is a must for the nee fast forward world, people can buy anything just by clicking on  the product they want then why should adult smokers rely on the traditional shopping, they must also buy their favorite tobacco flavor online, so here is a e-shop which can be the best site for buying tobacco online. So if any of you think that you must have this oldest tradition in the most modern way, just visit one of the many online stores to enjoy your favorite tobacco.