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Lloyds Bank begins to rein in interest-free credit cards

Lloyds Bank begins to rein in lengthy interest-free credit card offers as Bank of England crackdown begins to bite By Alex Hawkes, Financial Mail on Sunday Publ... read more

Managers and nurses are the workers with the largest debts

Those in retirement who seek help for their debts owe more money on credit cards, loans and in council tax debts than workers across all careers, according to n... read more

Can I claim PPI compensation on behalf of my late mother?

My mother passed in 2014 and likely could have claimed for PPI from multiple credit cards. Could I make a claim on her behalf? PPI compensation: Can you submit ... read more

Six reward credit cards that pay you to shop

If you are sensible about clearing your credit card debt each month there are a handful of cards on the market that could reward your effort. Airline rewards an... read more

A quarter of Brits want to borrow half of their income

Amid a spate of warnings that Britons are living on a growing credit bubble, new research has revealed just how reliant on debt many people in the UK are. Resea... read more

What is inflation? Watch our brilliant video

Ever wondered why prices always rise? Watch our inflation explainer in the Big Money Questions show By Rachel Rickard Straus for Published: 09... read more

The best options when applying for your first credit card

I am applying for my first credit card to help me build up my credit score. I intend on paying it off every month – what are the best options?  Will I be abl... read more

What can investors and economists learn from literature?

Want to get an edge in investing? Read fiction, say the authors of a new book ‘Cents and Sensibility’ – and there’s a lot economists could l... read more

AA credit card offers 32 months 0% interest on purchases

The AA has launched a credit card deal offering a bumper 32 months of 0 per cent interest on spending – longer than any other card on the market, or on re... read more

Crackdown on car finance firms using ‘kill switches’  

Car finance firms using ‘kill switches’ that stop the engine if borrowers miss loan payments face crackdown Kill switches may be banned in new cars ... read more

Tesco shoppers can pay for Uber with Clubcard points

Tesco shoppers can tap a contactless Clubcard to pick up points and swap them for Uber rides as supermarket giant revamps scheme Tesco adds Uber to its Clubcard... read more

Buy now, pay later deals that triple cost of your shopping

Shoppers are being lured into rip-off ‘buy now, pay later’ deals that wallop them with hidden high interest charges and late payment fees, a Money M... read more

Why have we still not tackled fraud?

Why have we still not beaten fraud? Scammers’ tricks are as old as time and yet we still get stung by the same ones… watch an expert explain how By Rach... read more

Will 0% deals on credit cards continue to climb?

Interest free terms on credit cards have been steadily rising since they were first introduced in 2000. In those days borrowers did not have to pay interest on ... read more

App-based bank, B, unveils free overseas spending card

Digital challenger, B, has launched its first credit card offering free overseas spending, a low interest rate of 9.9 per cent and no transfer fees. The off-sho... read more

Spot the signs of problem debt in friends and family

Could you spot the warning signs of problem debt in friends and family? One in ten Britons are struggling in silence – here’s how you can help By Em... read more

What are stocks and shares and what is the difference?

What are stocks and shares and what is the difference between the two? Watch our simple explainer… By Rachel Rickard Straus for Published: 1... read more

Middle class borrowers sitting on a £198bn debt timebomb

Anne-Marie Moody earns more than £35,000 a year as an accountant, owns her own home and doesn’t splash out on luxury holidays or designer clothes. On pap... read more

Five ways to boost your credit score

Half of all borrowers applying for a mortgage, new credit card or loan have never checked their credit file or credit score. This is despite the fact that any i... read more

How to avoid getting caught in the credit card trap

Rising living costs mean households are increasingly turning to credit cards to get by. Bank of England data shows borrowing on plastic has reached £68billion ... read more

M&S Bank slashes personal loan rate to 2.8%

M&S Bank has slashed its personal loan rate to 2.8 per cent – the cheapest deal available. The move brings it in line with best-buy deals already offe... read more

Card providers stop one in four using their cards abroad

One in four consumers have had a credit or debit card blocked while on holiday and been unable to access their cash, research has revealed. This is despite 61 p... read more

Travelex axes its popular Supercard

Travelex scraps its popular Supercard that let holidays avoid overseas bank charges – and blames high running costs The Supercard is being axed in July be... read more

What is a consumer? We reveal where the notion came from

We’re referred to as ‘consumers’ all the time. The word is often used interchangeably with ‘citizen’, ‘shopper’, ‘household’ or ‘Briton’. ... read more