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Elon Musk’s X is DOWN! Worldwide outage hits thousands who cannot use the app or website

X is down for users worldwide who report glitchy functions on the platform Issues appeared around 9am ET and are hitting the app and website By Stacy Liberatore... read more

DC Board of Elections hit with major hack by  cybercriminals who stole voter data and records

The data breach was carried out earlier this month by a known hacking group Voter information, such as driver’s licenses, is now on the dark web  The FBI... read more

Is California’s supervolcano set to blow? Scientists identify more than 2,000 quakes at the Long Valley Caldera  that they say ‘are precursors for an eruption’

A dormant supervolcano has had increased seismic activity over the years  Experts identified more than 2,000 quakes throughout the Long Valley Caldera  READ ... read more

Dogs beat cats in the war for our affection – but our love is not as great as the Danes’

Experts revealed that people are willing to pay higher vet fees for their dogs By Xantha Leatham Deputy Science Editor Published: 06:00 BST, 23 October 2023 | ... read more

Dear Winter, I feel glum: How writing a letter to the season or sitting by a window helps beat the blues

 3 per cent of adults suffer seasonal affective disorder during the winter season By Victoria Allen Science Editor Published: 01:19 BST, 23 October 2023 | Upda... read more

Take heed, chaps – the best sex may just be the quietest, writes Rowan Pelling, former editor of the Erotic Review

A new study suggests the louder the cry of ecstasy, the greater chance of fakery  By Rowan Pelling Former Editor Of The Erotic Review Published: 00:03 BST, 22 ... read more

‘The CIA dropped the ball here’: Hacker hijacked the CIA’s secure contact link for Russian informants due to Twitter flaw

An American hacker was able to use a glitch on the CIA’s X account (formerly known as Twitter) to direct potential informants to his own Telegram channel.... read more

Microsoft ‘salary leak’ reveals how much tech firm’s top employees get… along with eye-watering bonuses

The top earners could rake in a salary of $361,500 with a bonuses over $2m A document advising hiring managers outlines pay for staff starting at $42,500 By Mat... read more

Twitter begins CHARGING new users to access basic features – here’s what you need to know

October 27: Musk is officially made the new owner of Twitter, and tweets ‘the bird is freed’. November 1: Musk confirms plans to change the system o... read more

Barclays is DOWN: Banking app crashes for thousands of frustrated Brits

The problems started at around 12:07 BST, and are affected users across the UK  Of those who reported problems, 67% said the issue was with mobile banking  By... read more

Scientists recreate face of ape species that lived about 12 million years ago and ‘may be crucial to understanding human evolution’

By Rob Waugh For Dailymail.Com Published: 20:00 BST, 16 October 2023 | Updated: 20:17 BST, 16 October 2023 A well-preserved skull of a European great ape which ... read more

What’s YOUR child’s eating style? Scientists say all kids fall into four categories (and only 16% are classed as fussy!)

Mealtimes are something that many parents dread, with mums and dads notoriously having a hard time getting their children to eat enough vegetables. But a new st... read more

ICCouncil Launches Its Regulatory Compliance Certification Training Program

Become A Part Of The Digital Revolution And Train Your Drivers On The Latest Rules And Regulations Today As per the Department of Transportation, if you do not ... read more

Software and Functions That Seem Made For Mobile

There’s no doubt that the uptake of smartphones and mobile devices as the primary access point to software and the Internet has revolutionized the digital... read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook explains why people should buy a new iPhone every year

Mr Cook insisted that the constant reinvention is ‘a great thing’ for some users Apple have released eight new iPhone series since 2018, with the 15... read more

Scientists reveal why time seems to speed up as we age

Most adults have said ‘time flies’ at one time or another as they age Scientists said it is likely due to  having  fewer experiences to reflect on... read more

iPhone users say their smartphones are mysteriously turning off in the middle of the night – here’s what to do if your device is affected

Users say they’ve been prompted to enter their PINs first thing in the morning This suggests an iPhone reboot has happened on its own accord  By Shivali ... read more

Urgent warning to Facebook users over Jo Malone advent calendar scam – here’s how to make sure you’re not duped

Seven scam ads found promoting Jo Malone’s £350 advent calendar for £30 Here are the key signs they are fake, and how to report them if you see them By ... read more

The Role of AI and Machine Learning in Shaping the Development Landscape

Imagine a world where development is no longer a time-consuming, labor-intensive process, but rather a streamlined, efficient, and innovative endeavor. This is ... read more

What are the cyber security issues in fintech?

No doubt, financial technology is continuously evolving and it has created a revolution in this sector. However, the Fintech sector has its challenges and it is... read more

Twitter quietly makes a HUGE change to the platform in a desperate attempt to encourage users to pay £11/month for Twitter Blue – here’s how it will affect you

October 27: Musk is officially made the new owner of Twitter, and tweets ‘the bird is freed’. November 1: Musk confirms plans to change the system o... read more

Alexa users trust the Amazon device because they see it as human rather than a machine, study finds

Researchers found people ignored Alexa safety concerns because of the voice By Jim Norton Technology Editor Published: 00:07 BST, 10 October 2023 | Updated: 00:... read more

Anxious dogs can improve their memory by chewing on toys, study suggests

Anxious dogs can improve their memory by chewing on toys, study suggests It is thought in fearful dogs, chewing may act to reduce physiological arousal By Sophi... read more