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Three-mile wide asteroid will make a close call with Earth

A massive asteroid that is nearly 3 miles wide is set to make a ‘close encounter’ with Earth today. Dubbed ‘Florence,’ the huge space ro... read more

Read Apple’s letter to the FCC about net neutrality

Apple has released a powerful statement on net neutrality that says the ‘internet is too important to be left unprotected.’ The firm’s US head... read more

Facebook’s Watch goes up against YouTube for ad dollars

Facebook has launched its Watch video service to US users on Thursday with plans to allow people to submit shows, as the No. 1 social media network vies with Al... read more

Christopher Cantwell hates being known as ‘crying Nazi’

White nationalist Christopher Cantwell, 36 (pictured), who claims he pepper-sprayed a demonstrator in self-defense says he hates being labeled ‘the crying... read more

Russian oligarch walks bare-chested man in a Trump mask

This video showing a snarling man in a Donald Trump mask being walked with a dog lead has been banned from YouTube. Oligarch Aleksandr Donskoy parades the Trump... read more

Matty Johnson marriage proposal inspiration from YOUTUBE 

There is no shortage of online inspiration when it comes to marriage proposals. And so it’s no surprise The Bachelor’s Matty Johnson has admitted he... read more

‘Dream Chaser’ mini spaceplane hoisted over Mojave Desert

A test version of a spacecraft resembling a mini space shuttle was carried aloft over the Mojave Desert by a helicopter Wednesday in a precursor to a free fligh... read more

Google’s voice assistant coming to speakers and appliances

Google’s voice assistant is about to be available on a lot more devices beyond the Google Home and Android phones. The AI – which rivals Apple’... read more

Private companies drive ‘new space race’ at NASA center

For the first time since the retirement of the space shuttle in 2011, NASA says it may soon have the capability to send astronauts to the International Space St... read more

David Bowie was right! ‘Spider’ are common on Mars

‘Spiders’ on Mars are far more common than first thought, researchers have revealed. Named for their arachnid-like appearance, they are a type of la... read more

YouTube unveils new app features, logo and desktop site

YouTube has unveiled a new logo, desktop site and app features as part of a big redesign. New app features include the ability to slow down and speed up content... read more

A THREE MILE wide asteroid set to pass Earth this Friday

A massive asteroid estimated to be 2.7 miles wide is set to make a ‘relatively close encounter’ with Earth on 1 September. Dubbed ‘Florence,’ the huge s... read more

Google Maps launches feature to help users find parking

Since parking can be unpredictable, Google has launched a new feature in Maps to help users park their cars. Starting today, Android users will have the option ... read more

Cassini sends back poignant image of Saturn’s north pole

As NASA’s Cassini spacecraft nears its finals days, the space agency has shared a stunning new view of Saturn’s turbulent clouds, captured the day Cassini f... read more

NASA is to create a clockwork rover prototype for Venus

From to the deep oceans to distant alien worlds, exploring new territories often relies on the capabilities of advanced technology to go where no human can surv... read more

Postman and wife charged with terror offences

Sadia Malik’s husband Sajid Idris pictured outside court last month, when he appeared after being charged with terror offences A special needs primary sc... read more

Fifth Harmony bump and grind in He Like That music video

Fifth Harmony bumped and grinded while surrounded by shirtless male dancers for He Like That, the second music video off their third studio album released Frida... read more

Whitney Port shares emotional video about breastfeeding

Whitney Port is opening up about her struggles to breastfeed her newborn son. The 32-year-old welcomed Sonny Sanford with husband Tim Rosenman on July 27 and is... read more

Australian boy catches a fish before snake steals it

A three-year-old boy was proudly showing off his first fish before it was stolen A snake latched on to the fish and began dragging it away as the boy is crying ... read more

Google’s We Wear Culture explores 3000 years of fashion

Fashion is an ever-evolving industry, with a long and very varied history full of all manner of trends.  And now, all of those fashion highs and lows from the ... read more

Good Mythical Morning film their joint vasectomies

Two childhood pals have taken their friendship to the next level by opting to document their joint vasectomies — or what they like to call bro-sectomies. For ... read more

Dragonfly drone could explore Titan for alien life

A nuclear powereddrone could soon explore the skies and surface of Saturn’s moon Titan. The eight-bladed ‘dragonfly’ drone would fly from one ... read more

The incredible snow dunes of Mars revealed

As Martian winter gives way to spring, the snow-covered features on the red planet begin to change form, driven by an influx of sunlight. It might sound familia... read more

Stunning NASA image reveals Tethys beyond Saturn’s rings

It’s one of 53 named moons known to be circling Saturn – but, in a stunning new image, the icy moon Tethys appears to be the planet’s only companion, bath... read more