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5 Places To Visit In The UK As a Student

If you get a chance to go to the UK for your studies it means you’re damn lucky because you’re going to spend the most beautiful time of your life. Students... read more

‘Some images are mistaken for Tuscany!’ Photographer captures the beauty of Sussex

‘For me, the Sussex landscape offers some of the most beautiful and interesting landscapes in the UK, yet somehow it remains relatively unknown.’ So says Br... read more

Inside the ultimate ski hotel: MailOnline checks into Cheval Blanc Courchevel in France

I can definitely hear birdsong. And there was definitely no birdsong before. And I definitely hadn’t run a bath. And now a bath has most certainly been ru... read more

Mulberry closes its Bond Street store as the Government ends VAT-free shopping

It has long been a destination for fashionistas seeking out the luxury bags beloved by the Princess of Wales and A-list stars. But now the gleaming Mulberry sto... read more

The YOLO generation: ‘Zillennials’ who moved back to the ‘Hotel of Mom and Dad’

Emily Stone is eyeing up a cameo-beige Prada handbag, complete with the brand’s iconic triangle logo in gold – and an eye-watering $2,300 price tag.... read more

The most expensive hotel suites in the US

One would hope you’d have ‘suite dreams’ after parting with a five-figure sum to stay in one of these luxury hotel suites for just one night.... read more

Quiz: Can you name these famous world landmarks based only on their SHAPE?

How’s your geography shaping up?  Here we’ve picked out 20 of some of the world’s most well-photographed landmarks – but can you identi... read more

When SHOULD you tip? Etiquette expert WILLIAM HANSON reveals the do’s and don’ts

Tipping is a gesture that shows gratitude for a service provided. Tipping can vary greatly from country to country and even between different cultures within a ... read more

The English historic sites that saw a HUGE boom in visitor numbers in 2022, from Cornwall to York

England’s rich history is proving an irresistible draw for travellers. The historic sites dotted across the nation that have seen visitor numbers soar through... read more

The house that looks like it’s MELTING: Abode in Tokyo has a ‘warped’ front wall

The house that looks like it’s MELTING: Incredible Japanese abode built in Tokyo for a manga artist and her pet owls has a mind-bending ‘warped̵... read more

Discovering that there’s so much more to the Cayman Islands than offshore banking 

A heady mix of contradictions is going on here in the Cayman Islands. Offshore diving and offshore banking. Dazzling sunsets and financial assets. Delicious she... read more

Critically endangered dancing lemur is bred for the first time in Europe at British zoo

The first-ever successful birth of a Coquerel’s sifaka in Europe has taken place at Chester Zoo in Cheshire.  This species of primate, Propithecus coq... read more

Passenger on Qatar Airways 787 that plummeted after take-off recalls how there was panic in cabin

‘There was screaming… I thought we were going down’: Air traffic controller who was passenger on ‘fully loaded’ Qatar Airways Dreamliner that plum... read more

Aviation experts reveal the BEST time to fly

Aviation experts reveal the BEST time to fly if you want to avoid turbulence, enjoy a calm flight AND ensure you get the best crew possible Redditor and aircraf... read more

BA vs Virgin Atlantic: Travel expert pits premium economy on two of the UK’s most popular carriers

BA vs Virgin Atlantic: Travel expert films his experiences in premium economy on flights to and from the U.S using two popular UK carriers to see if it’s ... read more

17th Century farmhouse that comes with its own private pub goes on the market for £1.25million 

A 17th century farmhouse that comes with its own private pub has gone on the market for £1.25 million. The owner of Laurel Farmhouse, in the village of Bramham... read more

Exploring the Greek isles on a bespoke tour that allows you to choose from FORTY places to visit

Hop aboard! Grab a seat with a view – the journey is part of the fun as we cross a smooth, sparkling turquoise sea on a colourfully painted ferry to an island... read more

The top 50 cocktail bars in the UK for 2023 are named, with ‘Satan’s Whiskers’ in London No.1

The best cocktail bars in the UK for 2023 have been named – and it’s East London bar Satan’s Whiskers that is No.1. It tops the Top 50 Cocktail Bars r... read more

Brit flies to Spain and gets a full English breakfast for less than £15

If you think the price of eating out in the UK is getting a little too expensive, one man has a possible answer to save some money. Content creator Ben Matthew ... read more

Qatar Airways Dreamliner came within 800 FEET of the ocean after descending after take off from Doha

Qatar Airways launches investigation after one of its Boeing Dreamliners rapidly descended and came within SECONDS of hitting the water after taking off from Do... read more

Battery fire on transcontinental flight from San Diego to Newark forces plane to return

A United Airlines flight bound for Newark Airport in New Jersey was forced to return to San Diego Airport after a fire broke out in the cabin, caused by a passe... read more

After ANOTHER near miss at a US airport, how can Americans trust their plane journey will be safe?

The aviation industry is facing ‘the biggest disaster in its history’ after a near miss between two airplanes in Austin on Saturday became the secon... read more

Man suffers hilarious fake tan fail in Benidorm

A man has suffered a ‘hilarious’ fake tan fail while on holiday in Benidorm with people ‘crying’ at the result. Darren, from Middlesbrou... read more

Half-term ski holiday deals from a bargain in Italy to late-season luxury in Norway

Ski holiday deals: Grab a half-term bargain in Italy or sample late-season luxury at an idyllic Norwegian resort By Neil English For The Mail On Sunday Publishe... read more