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Spirit Airlines passenger becomes a viral sensation after bringing his own PARACHUTE on a flight: ‘The smartest idea I’ve ever seen’

Kagan Brooks’ husband boarded a Spirit Airlines flight with his own parachute¬† She filmed the stunt which was meant to a joke, and it quickly went viral¬... read more

I work on a cruise liner – this is the most popular place on the whole ship

Bryan James works on the world’s largest cruise ship and revealed its social hub However, his TikTok added that you would be booted off for going there yo... read more

Revealed: The majority of travellers would rather sit next to a PET than a child on a plane

By Jessica Hamilton Published: 18:12 GMT, 7 December 2023 | Updated: 18:15 GMT, 7 December 2023 The majority of people would rather sit next to a pet on a plane... read more

I was a flight attendant – this is why I only lasted a year in the job

A former cabin crew member shares why they quit the job after just one year  By Zac Campbell Published: 15:42 GMT, 7 December 2023 | Updated: 15:50 GMT, 7 Dece... read more

Revealed: The cheapest days to fly, how far in advance you should book plane tickets for the best deal – and whether clearing your browser history really DOES land you better fares

By Ted Thornhill, Mailonline Travel Editor and Jessica Hamilton Published: 16:05 GMT, 6 December 2023 | Updated: 16:05 GMT, 6 December 2023 Searching for cheap ... read more

Plane passenger SLAMS male traveler for ‘taking manspreading to a new level’ by extending his legs across the AISLE of their aircraft

A man on a plane who extended his legs into the aisle left people furious¬† Claire Zhu took to TikTok to share footage of his ‘manspreading’ People ... read more

Moment daredevil wakeskates along an infinity pool as he is towed by a drone… what happens next is jaw-dropping

Watch Brian Grubb’s fearless stunt on top of Address Beach Resort, in Dubai¬† By Matt Strudwick Published: 00:55 GMT, 5 December 2023 | Updated: 11:43 GMT... read more

That’s going to cost you! These unfortunate mishaps will take a lot of clearing up

By Monique Rubins Published: 07:48 GMT, 5 December 2023 | Updated: 08:09 GMT, 5 December 2023 Whether it’s dropping a pile of plates on the kitchen floor ... read more

Hilarious posters are bound to stop anyone in their tracks and leave them giggling

By Melody Fletcher For Mailonline Published: 08:17 GMT, 4 December 2023 | Updated: 08:35 GMT, 4 December 2023 Signs are usually created to warn others about any... read more

Beware the fake artwork scam: Traveller warns tourists about a popular street hustle – and what to do if you fall prey to it

By Jessica Hamilton Published: 08:27 GMT, 2 December 2023 | Updated: 08:27 GMT, 2 December 2023 Each year, Florence attracts millions of tourists eager to gaze ... read more

TikTok fooled us into taking these items travelling – don’t fall into the same trap!

Globe trotters listed items you shouldn’t be taking on holiday with you By Zac Campbell Published: 21:11 GMT, 1 December 2023 | Updated: 21:11 GMT, 1 Dece... read more

The UK’s ‘tallest and fastest roller coaster’ is unveiled in spellbinding POV video: ‘Hyperia’ in Thorpe Park will reach a height of 236ft and travel at 80mph

By Jessica Hamilton Published: 14:21 GMT, 30 November 2023 | Updated: 14:33 GMT, 30 November 2023 Thorpe Park has unveiled the UK’s ‘tallest and fas... read more

Traveler reveals the SECRET entrance to the Louvre museum in Paris that allows visitors to skip the queues

Erin Tridle, originally from LA, is now based in Paris with her French husband She recently issued a TikTok tutorial on how to avoid lengthy wait times Instead ... read more

Brits are voting for their favourite biscuit – what do you think should come out on top?

A poll on Reddit is attempting to find a definitive answer to Britain’s best biscuit¬† By Zac Campbell Published: 14:58 GMT, 29 November 2023 | Updated: 1... read more

Kid-Friendly Cruises: Exploring Turkey’s Charm Aboard Gulets

Embarking on a cruise is an adventure like no other, and when it comes to family vacations, a gulet cruise along the enchanting Turkish coastline offers a uniqu... read more

India: From the Majestic Deserts to the Himalayan Peaks

India, a land of contrasts and diversity, is a treasure trove for intrepid travelers seeking a blend of cultural richness and breathtaking landscapes. Let’... read more

Plane crazy sight! Traffic stopped in Southampton as a jetliner is hauled through the city on the back of a truck

By Ted Thornhill, Mailonline Travel Editor Published: 15:34 GMT, 28 November 2023 | Updated: 15:34 GMT, 28 November 2023 Amazing pictures show a jetliner being ... read more

Aussie dad left in agony with a ‘shattered’ arm after horror accident at five-star $600-a-night Bali hotel

A father-of-two has been left unable to work, in constant pain and in dire financial straits after a golf cart crash at a five-star hotel in Bali. Curtis Bransb... read more

Forget Barbados or Bondi! UK beach revealed as best to visit in winter by Lonely Planet

By Matthew Cox Published: 15:23 GMT, 27 November 2023 | Updated: 01:52 GMT, 28 November 2023 A relaxing day in winter need not confine you to the armchair in fr... read more

Travel expert calls out the ‘WORST’ plane passenger habit – insisting anyone who does it deserves a ‘jail sentence’… so, are YOU guilty?

Daniel Bennett, 27, is a flying pro who shares his trips on TikTok Most recently, he took to the video-sharing platform to express his frustrations He revealed ... read more

You’ve been ordering drinks all wrong! Etiquette expert William Hanson’s tips for nights on the town, from the secret to getting served quickly at the bar to whether it’s OK to kiss in a cab…

By Ted Thornhill, Mailonline Travel Editor Published: 09:41 GMT, 25 November 2023 | Updated: 09:41 GMT, 25 November 2023 Do you feel invisible at the bar on nig... read more

Frequent flyer shares her ultimate plane travel tips after taking an incredible 22 flights in two months

By Marta Jary For Daily Mail Australia Published: 12:16 GMT, 24 November 2023 | Updated: 12:24 GMT, 24 November 2023 Television star Shelly Horton has taken a ... read more

Tis the season to be… flamboyant: Claridge’s hotel unveils its Christmas tree – a dazzling sculpture by Louis Vuitton made from chrome trunks

By Ted Thornhill, Mailonline Travel Editor Published: 10:44 GMT, 23 November 2023 | Updated: 11:07 GMT, 23 November 2023 When is a Christmas tree not a Christma... read more

People share their hilarious laundry fails – from a dryer on fire to a very tiny glove

By Hannah Mcdonald Published: 08:01 GMT, 23 November 2023 | Updated: 09:16 GMT, 23 November 2023 Many people know the crushing feeling when you realise you have... read more