Challenges With Buying an Older Home in Los Angeles

Buying a house is an exciting time for anyone, even if it does come with a world of stress. You can encounter even more stress if you have bought yourself an older home. The average age of housing in Los Angeles is 56 years old. These properties have stood the test of time, and with that brings along their own set of challenges ranging from structural issues, pest problems, and the use of harmful materials. This article will aim to help you understand what things to look out for that might become quite costly to your wallet.

Problem With The Pipes

When you buy your new (old) house, be sure to ask the agent how old the plumbing system is. Some old pipes made between the 1970s and 1990s are made of vulnerable plastic; bleach and other cleaning products containing chlorine can corrode these pipes. You can already imagine what the fallout would be if your pipes burst. Your lovely home would be inhabitable, and it would cost you a small fortune to replace. However, if you do find yourself needing a reputable repair or system overhaul then search for a reputable Burbank plumber that services Los Angeles and the rest of California.

Danger! High Voltage

Before moving into your home, it’s just as vital to make sure your circuits arwse current. Having an old-wired house will cause you a massive inconvenience as there won’t be enough plug sockets for you to keep all your gadgets online; they just didn’t need them back then. More importantly, there are safety concerns as electrical wiring has a shelf life and the ones in your home could be coming to an end. Further, due to the use of aluminum wiring in the 1970s, your house could be more susceptible to fires, and that would cost you even more.

Health Hazards

Old buildings use materials that can be harmful to us.

  • Asbestos – this natural fiber was widely used from the 1800s until about 1980 when it was decommissioned. The material is known to cause a variety of health problems. Although it is no longer used, property owners were not required to remove it from existing buildings.
  • Lead – this metal is often found in paints made before 1978 and in a lot of pre-World War II plumbing systems. Lead is neurotoxic and is known to cause harm to children.

Before you move into your home, make sure the materials used are up to health standards.

Structural Integrity

The earth is volatile and along with Mother Nature, can cause issues with your home’s foundation. This includes major cracks, rot, corrosion, and moisture damage. These issues can happen a lot sooner in areas that are prone to earthquakes, which are quite common in the Southern California area. Make sure you get foundations checked before the damage becomes costly.

Hopefully, you find yourself feeling more informed on some of the costliest challenges faced when buying an older home. Despite these challenges, you will benefit from original features in well-established neighborhoods and reap the benefits.