Champion Aussie athlete reveals she didn’t know if she could afford food before being forced to move overseas to chase her Olympic dream

  • Taneille Crase has shared the reality of chasing Olympics dream 
  • She failed to secure funding to help her pursue her goal 
  • Crase has left Australia in an all-in bid to make Paris 

Taneille Crase has opened up on the sobering reality of chasing her Olympic dream with the Australian forced to move overseas to pursue her goal.

Crase, a three-time national champion in the heptathlon, has moved halfway across the world in a bid to be at her best for next year’s Olympic trials and Paris Games.

She has based herself in Germany where she will join coach Jorg Roos’s squad, a move which has cost her thousands of dollars and forced her away from her fiance. 

While she was preparing with coach Glynis Nunn on the Gold Coast, Crase failed to qualify for any form of funding despite finishing fifth at the 2022 Commonwealth Games. 

As a result, the 29-year-old does not have access to massage or physiotherapy services and she has to work full time to accomplish her Olympic goal. 

Taneille Crase has opened up on the sobering reality of chasing her Olympics dream

Crase moved to Germany to prepare with Roos’ squad earlier this year and reaped the benefits, qualifying for the world championships. She later tore her hamstring and decided against competing.

Yet the progress she made at the TSV Bayer Leverkusen complex has convinced Crase to leave Australia behind and go all-in on her Paris dream.

‘It was probably one of the biggest decisions I’ve ever made in my life, to be honest’ Crase told News Corp.

‘But I’m definitely not regretting it. I think it was the right decision to towards what I want to achieve.’

Crase works as a participation and inclusion manager for Little Athletics Australia, a job she has kept hold of remotely. 

‘I had to be all in for this,’ she said.

Crase was frank when discussing the reality of living on a limited budget, admitting that there are moments where she doesn’t know if she can put food on the table. 

‘I’m not going to lie. There’s moments of self doubt and there’s moments where I don’t trust the process and all these wonderful words of affirmation that I constantly repeat to myself and publish out there on social media or any reports or news articles that I do,’ she said.

She has left her fiance behind to chase her Olympics goal in Germany

She has left her fiance behind to chase her Olympics goal in Germany

‘The reality of being an athlete is we have our struggles, we have our down moments.

‘We have our mental health struggles, day in and day out and we have those financial struggles.

‘We have those moments where we look at our bank accounts and go: ‘How am I going to afford food or rent this week?’ – and that’s from hearing multiple different stories, it’s not just me, we all go through that.’