Channel Nine newsreader Peter Overton suffers burst blood vessel in eye: 9News

Newsreader Peter Overton shocks viewers as he reveals the health problem that is altering his appearance

  • Channel Nine Sydney presenter startled viewers by looking worse for wear
  • Peter Overton had a burst blood vessel in his right eye, a common condition
  • Assured viewers everything was fine and that eye was getting better each day

A popular newsreader has opened up on-air about his latest health scare after appearing on the nightly bulletin looking worse for wear.

It was business as usual for Channel Nine Sydney news presenter Peter Overton on Sunday night’s 6pm bulletin, despite a gruesome burst blood vessel in his right eye.

The veteran newsreader assured startled viewers he was fine and that his eye was improving in a brief update. 

‘You may have noticed my right eye isn’t looking its best tonight,’ Overton explained.

Peter Overton (pictured with wife Jessica Rowe) has opened up about a new health scare

‘All is okay. I have a burst blood vessel and it looks worse than it actually is.’

‘Indeed, it’s getting better by the day so there you go.’

As much as a strong sneeze or cough or rubbing at the eye can cause a blood vessel to break.

Also known as subconjunctival hemorrhage, it results in bleeding under the conjunctiva, a layer of tissue above the sclera, the white part of the eye.

It’s a common condition which is usually harmless and treats itself to disappear within a fortnight.

Overton’s latest health scare comes less than two years after he underwent surgery for a melanoma discovered on his temple.

Mr Overton has been reading the 6pm nightly news since 2009 having previously spent eight years as a reporter for 60 Minutes. 

Peter Overton sported a burst blood vessel in his right eye while reading Sunday night's news

Peter Overton sported a burst blood vessel in his right eye while reading Sunday night’s news