Chartered Financial Analyst Preparatory Course – What You Need to Know

Becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst means that you achieve one of the top distinctions in the management investment industry. The CFA credential or title is held by 170,000+ professionals globally who strive to bring the best practices in the management investment industry.

The CFA level 2 can give you a clear understanding of advanced investment analysis alongside a real-world portfolio of management skills. Moreover, this program curriculum involves three levels, with each program featuring its exam. Hence, you are required to pass all three different examinations for you to be awarded the CFA charter.

 Flexible Study Channels and Options Available

  • Study Option – This involves choosing between full-time or part-time learning, and will depend on your preferences or schedule.
  • Learning Mode – Learning mode is where you get to choose the channel or platform that you feel would suit you for learning. You can choose a classroom, self-study, or online programs, which also depends on your preferences.

 Full-Time Study Program

If you are an international student, then you have a chance to learn the CFA level 2 on a full-time basis. This includes the following:

  • University students who are in their final year
  • Graduates from partner colleges or universities
  • Graduates who have a Degree in Management, Finance, Business or Marketing
  • Employment or long-term pass holders who want to study the program full-time

Currently, the program features several revised formats that enable international students for full-time studies with the help of a Student’s Pass. The CFA level 2 is an amazing program, especially if you are considering a career in financial services or banking.

Moreover, there are many benefits that you can enjoy once you study and acquire the CFA charter. With this achievement, you can take the financial industry by storm and reach impressive milestones at an early stage of your career.

Benefits of the Program

Industry Recognition

Once you achieve the CFA charter, then it’s inevitable for you to stand out in the highly competitive global industry. Additionally, you’ll be able to gain immediate credibility for your profession with hiring managers, peers, and clients as well.

Authentic Expertise

Another benefit that you can enjoy with the CFA level 2 is the real-world expertise that it also offers. This is because the program highly demonstrates your fluency with the analysis curriculum and advanced investment management.

This process leverages the best experiences and practices of practitioners across the world to mediate real-world theoretical knowledge and practices.

Ethical Foundation

With the CFA level 2, learners are also able to apply ethical principles while gaining a foothold in the practices that are required to demonstrate the following:

  • Commitment to top standards of accountability
  • Integrity for building a trusted reputation

Joining a Global Community

With over 170,000 already practicing the profession worldwide, another benefit would be joining these masses to improve the industry. As you can tell, this is a very niche profession but one that’s immensely growing in popularity as well.

Moreover, it’s quite lucrative with some of the top leading financial institutions and firms looking for qualified experts in the field to help them with their practices.