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Chef Rob Nixon reveals how to make McDonald’s chips at home on YouTube channel Nicko’s Kitchen

Mr Nixon’s homemade Krispy Kreme doughnuts 


– Two cups of full fat milk

– Half a cup of softened butter or margarine

– Three quarters of a cup of white sugar

– Four large eggs

– Five cups of self-raising flour

– Two teaspoons of dried yeast

– Nutmeg

– Salt

– Canola oil (for deep frying) 

– A round cookie cutter 


– Vanilla essence

– Three cups of icing sugar

– Half a cup of water


Before starting the dough, make sure you have a large, round cookie cutter to shape the mixture into individual pieces.

1. Add two cups of milk, one teaspoon of salt and half a cup of softened butter into a jug and heat in the microwave for one minute until warm.

2. Add half a cup of white sugar, half a teaspoon of nutmeg and four beaten eggs to the heated mixture and whisk until combined.

3. Pour the mixture into a large mixing bowl, adding two teaspoons of dried yeast and a quarter cup of sugar. Whisk again.

4. Add five cups of self-raising flour, one cup at a time, and mix well until the dough becomes thick and sticky. Leave dough to rest for one hour.

5. Dust a wooden board with flour and knead the dough for two to three minutes, taking care not to handle the dough for longer than three minutes as ‘over-kneading’ can prevent it from rising when fried.

6. Roll out the dough and shape into individual pieces using a large, round cookie cutter, making a small hole in the centre to create the ‘ring’ doughnut effect.

7. Fry in canola oil in a deep-fat fryer or deep skillet pan at 340 degrees for two minutes on each side until golden brown and puffy, draining excess grease on a paper towel.

8. To make the classic Krispy Kreme glaze, add three cups of icing or confectionery sugar into a large bowl, along with half a cup of water and one teaspoon of vanilla essence. Mix until smooth.

9. Ice both sides of the doughnut and leave to set for 10 minutes before enjoying, still warm.

Source: Nicko’s Kitchen