Chemist Warehouse fast delivery available to customers within 50kms of store

Chemist Warehouse announce huge store change set to impact thousands of Australians

  • Chemist Warehouse has extended ‘fast’ delivery range to 50km
  • This will allow more people to access same day delivery

Chemist Warehouse has increased its delivery range from 10km from the nearest store to 50km, greatly increasing the number of potential customers.

The new 50km rule relates to the pharmacy and retailer’s ‘fast delivery’ option and comes into affect immediately.

The change will be implemented across over 500 stores.

Chemist Warehouse director, Mario Tascone said the change was being made with the aid of a partnership with third-party delivery firm Rendr. 

Chemist Warehouse has increased its delivery range from 10km to 50km in a move which is expected to help thousands of Australians

‘The partnership with Rendr enables us to more readily service the needs of our customers Australia-wide and we are proud to be able to provide further convenience for our shoppers,’ he said.

Rendr co-founder Greg Leibowitz said he is ‘thrilled’ to be working with the retailer.

To access the delivery service, when online shoppers place an order via the Chemist Warehouse website, they simply select the ‘Fast’ delivery option at checkout.