Chiefs rookie Xavier Worthy throws cash over his girlfriend Tia Jones in new TikTok clip – but fans spot a detail to RIP Travis Kelce’s new teammate!

Xavier Worthy’s latest TikTok with girlfriend Tia Jones has caught the eye of hundreds of Chiefs fans – for a reason that might come back to haunt the Kansas City rookie.

Worthy appears in the latest clip flashing off a luxury watch and a silver chain before throwing cash over Jones while she dances in the bathroom.

But eagle-eyed fans noticed one amusing detail about the incident – Worthy is holding a huge wad of one-dollar bills.

‘Bro cmon we ain’t go act like we don’t only see ones,’ said a fan in the comments, while another said: ‘All ones is crazy’.

Worthy, a wide receiver who was picked in the first round by the Chiefs, may have had the last laugh, however.

Fans spotted one detail to mock Xavier Worthy for in a TikTok with his girlfriend Tia Jones 

Worthy and girlfriend Jones are filmed dancing to the song 'Talk My S***' by BossMan Dlow

Worthy and girlfriend Jones are filmed dancing to the song ‘Talk My S***’ by BossMan Dlow

The song he and Jones are dancing to is ‘Talk My S***’ by BossMan Dlow and when Worthy throws the cash into the air, it’s to the lyric: ‘I’ll throw some ones, baby, you do that dance on me.’

Even so, some Chiefs were still unimpressed with the nature of the post.

‘Bankruptcy in year 2 is gonna be wild,’ commented one follower – and another agreed, saying: ‘I give it 8 years before dude is broke.’

Others even speculated if it really was worthy in the video but the man himself replied to one of those comments saying that it was him. 

Worthy, 21, has had an eventful start to life in Kansas City.

His car was stolen from inside an apartment complex in Missouri earlier in May but he was not there at the time of the incident and no injuries were reported.

Worthy is currently dealing with a hamstring injury that is hindering how much he can practice with the Chiefs but his new coach, Andy Reid, is already impressed with what he has seen.

‘He didn’t practice today, he tweaked his hamstring the other day,’ Reid said last week. 

Worthy was picked in the first round by the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL Draft

Worthy was picked in the first round by the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL Draft

‘But what we saw was somebody that was smart, understood what was being thrown at him, and somebody that can run pretty fast. 

‘We just basically got through the introduction stuff to him, so he was only out there for a day and a half, so he got a nice introduction to things.’

Worthy played for the Texas Longhorns during this college career. 

The Chiefs start the NFL season on September 5 against Baltimore Raves, beginning their quest for an unprecedented ‘three-peat’ of Super Bowl victories.