Children’s blanket ‘nearly strangles 18-month-old boy’

A children’s blanket has been withdrawn from sale by Home Bargains after a toddler was ‘almost strangled’.

Eighteen-month-old Harry Lucks was left with a visible red mark around his neck after a cotton thread from his TJM Snuggz Blue Mouse comfort blanket somehow got wrapped around his neck while he was asleep in his bed.

Father Gerrord Lucks and his partner Faye Milner rushed upstairs when they heard Harry screaming through the baby monitor.

Eighteen-month-old Harry Lucks, pictured, was almost choked to death by a loose thread of his comfort blanket

Harry was left with a bright red mark, pictured, around his neck after the incident

The TJM Snuggz Blue Mouse cuddly toy, pictured, has since been removed from Home Bargains pending an investigation

Harry was left with a bright red mark around his neck, left, by the TJM Snuggz Blue Mouse cuddly toy

Mr Lucks, 46, from Halifax, West Yorkshire, said: ‘We went into the bedroom and Harry was on his knees screaming.

‘I picked him up and the comforter came with him. I pulled at it and heard the cotton snap.

‘We ran downstairs with him and he was drip white and shaking. We saw the cotton around his neck.

‘I managed to get my fingers between her cotton and his neck and snapped the thread, which was wrapped around his neck three or four times.’

The concerned couple phoned NHS Direct for advice and were told to take Harry to their GP as soon as possible to be checked over.

The couple bought the comfort blanket at Home Bargains in Crossgates, Leeds. 

Mr Lucks said he contacted the store following the incident, which happened on Wednesday.

He said: ‘The doctor reassured us that Harry was okay. Thank God Harry woke up when he did.

‘They asked us to send it to them and they would investigate.’

Parents Gerrord Lucks, centre, and Faye Milner, right, said they found Harry, right, 'drip white and shaking' after he screamed due to the 'strangling'

Parents Gerrord Lucks, centre, and Faye Milner, right, said they found Harry, right, ‘drip white and shaking’ after he screamed due to the ‘strangling’

Bus driver Mr Lucks said Harry had a previous TJM Snuggz product and therehad been no problems with it

He added that it had been difficult to make Harry give up his beloved blanket.

Mr Lucks said: ‘He had one from birth and it has been fine. Two of Faye’s friends have identical ones.’

‘He still goes to bed with it, but we take it away as soon as he’s gone to sleep. But this incident has affected us all. 

‘We’re always anxious when we go into his room first thing in the morning.’

Ms Milner, 28, who works as a care assistant, also has a daughter, Chelsea, who is aged nine.

A spokesperson for Home Bargains said: ‘We are fully aware of the incident and are conducting an investigation with our supplier.

‘As a precaution, we have withdrawn the product from sale until our investigation has been completed.’