Choosing the best caravan air-conditioner in 2021

Nothing is better than blue skies and greenery when you are on holiday and traveling in your caravan. The temperature can be pretty hot, however, making it sometimes unbearable to bear the heat. Many times due to the hot weather, the interiors of the caravan can become sticky and hot. It can become a huge problem to stay inside the caravan.

However, we have a solution to the problem; you can always get an air conditioner for caravans in order to keep the temperature inside the vehicle cool.

Let’s discuss how to select the best air conditioner for your caravan.

Caravan air conditioners

Caravan air conditioners are a bit different from normal household air conditioners. It is also called an RV air conditioner. Now, you may think, why not a general household air-conditioner? The answer is that the RV air-conditioner features are specially catered to caravans.

In fact, the caravans AC are more expensive than the split AC that you find at home. The RV air conditioners are specially designed to keep the water out and handle the regular vibration during travel.

Now that you know what RV air-conditioners are let me tell you that when you go to buy an air-conditioner for your caravan, which AC you want to purchase depends on the size and features of your vehicle, like:

How long is your caravan?

If your caravan is large, it will need a more powerful AC and, in many cases, many units that are coordinated with one another.

  • Where can the AC be installed? It can be either installed on the roof or in the storage area of the caravan.
  • Does have caravan has large windows? If the answer is yes, you should get a much bigger and stronger AC, as the caravan will get heated up more quickly than a caravan with smaller windows.
  • How well is the caravan insulated? If your caravan is new, one low-powered AC will do just fine.

What does 360 MM or 400 MM opening mean?

It refers to the opening in your caravan in which the caravan air conditioner can get fixed. Talking about the 360 or 400 MM opening in the caravan means that it is the space of opening in your roof in which you can get the AC fixed. Not just that, if you want a bigger air-conditioner, you can get your caravan fixed for the same.

Is the Rooftop air-conditioner better or build-in?

The answer to this question is that it depends on the kind of caravan that you have. A small RV is good enough with a build-in AC, and it will do the cooling just fine.

You should keep in mind that it is all about the air-conditioner for your AC; if you have got the right one, it will work just fine for you irrespective of whether it is inside the caravan or on the rooftop.

Apart from that, other important criteria when buying an air-conditioner are:

  • Consumes as little electricity as possible.
  • Cools quickly.
  • Light-weight
  • Convenient
  • Does not create noise pollution.
  • Needs lesser space
  • Has smart controls


So, these are some of the important things that you must keep in mind when looking for the best caravan AC. Having an AC will make your road trip fun. So, what are you waiting for? Use the tricks as mentioned earlier to get the best AC for your caravan.

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