Choosing The Best Construction Christmas Cards

Christmas is still about 9 months away. There’s still time for companies to appreciate their employees and customers. If you work in the construction industry, you can use construction Christmas cards. These are great gifts construction companies can send their clients, customers, and employees. The front of the card usually has the name and the logo of the company on it. It may also include the services the company offers for potential clients. Inside the card is where companies write their personal message to show appreciation.

Construction Christmas Cards

A construction Christmas card is a type of card that a lot of companies use during the holidays. It often references activities for construction such as hammers, constructions trucks, and more. It also has a tasteful tone of Christmas. Its designs make it perfect for construction companies. It’s well-designed and printed on a heavy card stock. This results in a unique Christmas card that clients and employees will appreciate.

The good thing about construction Christmas cards is that they can be personalized. Their font style and font size can be changed. This is a big help for your construction company to stand out from the rest. Personalizing your holiday cards can help build a bond with clients and employees.

How do personalized Christmas cards affect employees and clients?

  1. Christmas cards depict the company’s appreciation.
  2. Christmas cards from a construction company invite potential clients. They might be interested to do business with the company.
  3. Christmas cards with construction designs are very popular during the holidays.

Companies can send a unique message to clients and employees via holiday cards. These cards may showcase designs with a heavy chain and a jackhammer. These designs can be customized which allows them to include their company logo on it.

The Importance of Construction Christmas Cards

Being appreciated feels great, especially if it comes from someone you’re working with. This is how clients and employees will feel when they receive a Christmas card. Below are some reasons why companies need these construction Christmas cards:

  • Sending these cards can strengthen relationships between the company and the clients/employees.
  • The act of sending holiday cards to clients and customers show appreciation. If they feel appreciated, the more they’ll want to continue working with the company.
  • Companies that offer new services can include those services on the cards. Once the clients see it, they might show interest, too. Potential clients may show interest to join the company, too.
  • Companies will have a better connection with their clients and employees.

A lot of these cards are available online. They come with festive features. These features show the Christmas part and the construction part. If you’re interested in these types of cards, you can choose the ones from Ziti. Send them to your clients and employees and you’ll be smiling until 2020.

How Much Do They Cost?

Companies look for the best price when it comes to service, and that’s good. There are a lot of Christmas card companies which offer excellent services at competitive prices. Because of this, nobody wants to go for companies with expensive products. If you’re looking for Christmas cards, make sure to check for any special discounts. Most card companies offer different discounts. Some even have online calculators to help buyers estimate how much they will be paying prior to ordering.

Card companies like Ziti have special offers for construction companies. The more cards they order, the cheaper it will be. For example, the cost of the card will be $3.36 if they’re going to buy 15 pieces. But if they buy 120 pieces, it will only cost $2.49 per card. It’s smarter to buy the cards in bulk instead.

How to Choose the Best Construction Christmas Cards

When choosing a construction Christmas card, there are things that you need to consider as a company. Below are six important factors to consider:

  1. The addressee. You need to consider the addressee prior to choosing a Christmas card, How old are the clients? If they’re a little older, then a card with fancy fonts and different colors may not be appealing to them. Choose Christmas cards that are not too much for some people.
  2. The design and theme. It is important that the card has the Christmas festivity in it. It has to have Christmas ornaments and colors. Since it’s Christmas, you can’t miss candy canes, snowflakes, and other Christmas designs. The card must measure 5×7, not smaller, not bigger.
  3. The message. The message on the card is one of the most important factors. It must contain the message you’re sending to your clients and employees. You can include the services your company is offering. Create a message that can touch the hearts of your employees and clients. Make sure it’s all about them and how much you appreciate them.
  4. Personal touch. On the message, you need to add a personal touch to the card. The goal is to make them feel how much you appreciate them. Even if it’s for the smallest things they do in the company, make sure to include that. You can even include their names on the card. That makes the Christmas card even more special.
  5. The features. You also need to consider the card’s features. If you know the employees and the customers well, then it’ll be easy for you. You’ll know what they’ll appreciate the most. There are thousands of construction Christmas cards and they all have different features. Choose the cards with the features that you think your employees or clients will love.
  6. The type of card. There are so many Christmas cards available. How your cards look depend on your preference. Trust your preference, too, when choosing a Christmas card.

Each Christmas card has its features. You’ll need to remember these factors when choosing Christmas cards. As the saying goes, “You reap what you sow.” Showing appreciation to your clients and employees will bring employee loyalty and positive results for your company.