Choosing the best teeth whitening

One of the most demanded treatments in our clinic due to the immediate aesthetic effects it presents is teeth whitening. Within this treatment, there are various techniques that have different procedures and times.

The Silverton dentist recommends two different treatments from which the same results are obtained. Once you have decided how to whiten your teeth, you only have to choose which is the ideal treatment for you.

Dental whitening in the clinic:

The first tooth whitening that we are going to talk to you about is the one performed in the clinic. In it, the specialist applies the whitening with a previous cleaning of the area. The main differences between teeth whitening in the clinic and the one applied at home are:

A higher concentration of product

In the clinic, the dentist can control and customize the dosage of the teeth whitening agent. Depending on the state of the enamel and the gums, the professional will control quantities and times in a personalized way.

Protected gums

The teeth whitening in the clinic will also have components in charge of treating the gums, something especially important in those who suffer from delicate gums.

LED treatment

Treatment carried out in the dental clinic will always have more professional tools than one that is carried out from home. The activation of the whitening component by LED light will help the treatment to be more effective in less time and contain extra durability.

Personalized treatment

Dental whitening from the clinic offers the professional the possibility of influencing the treatment in areas that initially have not presented the desired results.

Teeth whitening from home:

When a patient is in search of the best teeth whitening, he must consider not only the results but the demands of his day to day. Due to the current pace of life, going to the dentist can be, at times, a difficult task to achieve. For this reason, at Dental Studio 101 we have teeth whitening that can be done from home. The duration is 16 days and the whitening effects usually last approximately 2 months.

Although its mode of application is not the same as the treatment carried out from the clinic, it also has its advantages:

The patient chooses the moment

Although we have an online appointment service that saves time, there are always patients who prefer to undergo treatments from home, if they have the opportunity. Our home teeth whitening helps to save time as much as possible, each patient is able to choose the time of day or week in which they want to use whitening.

High protection

Despite not having the control of the professional who has dental whitening in the clinic, the home treatment contains a thermoplastic splint attached to the maxillary teeth, which prevents the whitening agent from coming into contact with the gingival tissues