Choosing the Right International School in Bangkok, Thailand

When you’re choosing an international school in Bangkok, Thailand, there are many facets to consider. You’re not just choosing a school based on a convenient location and the best amenities. You’re also choosing the right educational environment for your child.

International schools in Bangkok offer many different curricula, mainly covering required subjects in either the British or American educational system. But many of these international schools also have a focus in their curriculum that works well for students who excel in the subjects featured in their focus. Knowing the weaknesses and strengths of your child provides you with the criteria to decide between these schools.

Some schools focus mainly on the STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), while others may emphasize providing education in various artistic endeavors. Some have advanced sports facilities and training, while others are more career-oriented and have a lot of ties to the local business community.

Taking the Time to Find the Perfect Fit for Your Child

With so many options in education to choose from, finding the right international school in Bangkok, Thailand, for your child may take some time. You’ll need to sit down with the administration of the various schools and ask them the questions that will help you find the right educational environment for your child. You should also allow plenty of time to go through this process and do it carefully and methodically.

Make notes after each interview writing down the primary focus of the school, along with the specific pros and cons. Also make a note of the tuition fees as well as all extra costs such as transportation, lunches, incidentals and uniforms.

Include your child in the process of finding the right school for them. It will be a way to get them excited about their education and engage them in the process of choosing their school. They’ll have a different perspective than the parents, which will be just as valid in helping to decide on their education.

Narrowing Down Your Options

Begin to make a shortlist of the international schools in Bangkok, Thailand that fit your educational criteria and appeal to your child. Make a note of the commute distances to each of the schools and include these in your considerations. Bangkok traffic can be notoriously slow. A commute that adds more a couple of hours to your child’s school day will want to be avoided at all costs.

Focus on both the pros and cons of each school to decide whether or not the cons are deal-breakers, and the pros can negate some of the cons. This can be a fun exercise in which to include your child, as it uses logic to solve a problem by considering a range of criteria.

The more discussions amongst parents and children, the more you’ll get closer to making a decision that suits both the parents and child. And the more time you devote to making the right decision, the happier and more productive your child will be in their new international school in Bangkok, Thailand.