Chris Watts had sex with wife Shanann before murder and forced his daughters to drive with her body

Chris Watts had sex with wife Shanann before strangling her and forcing his daughters to drive with their mother’s body to burial site where Bella, 4, watched her sister’s murder and yelled out ‘Daddy, no!’ with her final breath

Chris Watts has finally revealed just how he murdered his family in a shocking jailhouse confession obtained by

The killer father told investigators last month that he strangled his wife Shanann when she confronted him about his affair with mistress Nichol Kessinger. 

He also revealed that he had sex with his wife just hours before that, when she returned from a work trip to Arizona.

After strangling her, which he said took less than four minutes, Bella came into the room and was informed by her father that her mother was asleep.

Watts then dragged Shanann down the stairs, at which point the couple’s other daughter Celeste was woken up and began running around the house with her sister. 

Shanann was then loaded into Watts’ truck with her two daughters, who spent an hour in the vehicle with their dead mother’s body. 

Once Watts arrived at his work site, he took Shanann’s body out of the car and then returned to kill Celeste. 

He smothered Celeste with a New York Yankees blanket while choking her enck and then tossed her body in an oil tank.

Bella sat silently and watched as her father killed her little sister.

When he returned from dumping Celeste, Bella asked quietly: ‘Is the same thing gonna happen to me as Cece?’

Watts said he was not sure if he told her ‘yes’ or not at the time.

She put up a fight while he began to smother her in the same manner as her sister, making grunting noises and screaming out just before she died: ‘Daddy, no!’