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Class 11 humanities books (CBSE board) and ICSE humanities subjects

CBSE, which stands for the Central Board of Secondary Education, is one of India’s most popular education boards. The subjects in all education boards are quite the same, but the books and levels are different. The NCERT books are what the CBSE board imposes on schools, and the NCERT books are beneficial even in India’s competitive exams.

Here are all the Class 11 humanities books that you get in the CBSE board-


In Economics, you have four books on the CBSE board that are-

Statics of Economics- Textbook for class 11th

  • Microeconomic Theory
  • Statics for Economics (by Radhe Bahuguna)
  • Microeconomics for class 11th


There’s only one book in History-

  • Themes in World History: Textbook for class 11th.


There are two books in Sociology subject-

  • Introducing Sociology: Textbook for class 11
  • Understanding Society: Textbook for class 11


A total of two books are there in Psychology.

  • Text Book for class 11th (New Edition)
  • Psychology (Low Price Edition) by Robert A. Baron


In Geography, you will get three books-

  • Fundamentals of Physical Geography: a textbook for class 11th (New Edition)
  • India: Physical Environment: Textbook for class 11th (New Edition)
  • Practical Work in Geography (Part- 1): Textbook for class 11th.

Political Science

Only two books are there in Political science-

  • Indian Constitution at Work (Textbook in Political Science)
  • Political Theory (Textbook in Political Science)

Legal Studies

Two books in Legal Studies-

  • Legal Studies (Class 11th)
  • A Textbook of Legal Studies for Class 11th (by Gurmeet Kaur- for students’ reference)

These are the Class 11th humanities books of the CBSE board. Apart from these books, there are many other books for Class 11th humanities such as English, Hindi, and Mathematics.

ICSE Humanities subjects in secondary standards –

These following are the ICSE humanities subjects for class 11th and 12th. All these subjects are the main subjects of Humanities.

Political Science

Political Science, which is also called the study of Politology, is one of humanity’s main subjects. Such science deals with the government and deeds of government.


The students of Humanities need to learn how society and life affect the people/citizens’ psychology. For that, another one of the crucial ICSE humanities subjects is psychology.


The subject of sociology deals with the society we all know plays a significant role because most of the country’s things are society oriented. The Sociology subject is what helps in dealing with society in general.


The Geography subject is among the core subjects, and all the boards focus on it. The students learn how to deal with physical geography and human geography in this subject.


Another core subject of the Humanities is the Economics that deals with the country’s economy and system. The economy makes a country more potent, which is why it is listed as a core subject in ICSE humanities subjects.


Before you get started for anything, make sure you have been through History to understand the present the best way. This another most significant subject ICSE humanities subjects are what all about. In this subject, you learn about the past notable figures, chronology in the society, and the incidents that had occurred.

These all are the ICSE humanities subjects that a student gets in the secondary classes.

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