“Clickbait” Star Joins Discussion About Green Bitcoin

HBO’s The Entourage and Netflix’s Clickbait star Adrian Grenier has joined the discussion about achieving a green Bitcoin during the eighth CoinGeek Conference held in New York City last October 5 to 7.

Known as an active environmentalist, Grenier is also the United Nations Environment Goodwill Ambassador for North America. He co-founded impact firm DuContra Ventures, of which he is also the Chief Experience Officer, and has participated in many environmental conservation campaigns.

“I’m afraid to say, ‘I’m no expert, early adopter, maybe.’ But I just feel lucky to be on this stage with such brilliant minds. These guys are innovating and creating, and I’m crypto-curious and I’m at the edge of my seat, waiting for the utilities to come about so that I can use them in my everyday life,” Grenier said.

The actor referring to the professionals and experts in the Bitcoin and blockchain space who have joined him in the panel discussion, namely, Compute North Co-Founder and CEO Dave Perrill, TAAL Distributed Information Technologies COO Lars Jorgensen, MNP Partner Hassan Quresh, Gray Wolf Analytics Inc. President and Chair Dr. Dhirendra Shukla, and nChain CTO and BSV Infrastructure Team Technical Director Steve Shadders.

Admittedly crypto-curious, Grenier has seen the advantages of digital currency and blockchain technology and their benefits to society at large. Bitcoin has been labeled as unsustainable due to the massive amount of electricity needed in Bitcoin mining, but Grenier’s mere presence at CoinGeek Conference is evidence enough that he has found a green Bitcoin he can support and use.

“I think people that want to dismiss crypto as being unsustainable don’t fully understand the complexity of the opportunity that crypto has for society across the board. It’s not just about mining efficiency, it’s also about how it’s going to improve every industry,” Grenier said.

Grenier is talking here about a blockchain, upon which Bitcoin is built, that has the capacity for unlimited scaling. Because it is only if a blockchain scales that it can be effectively and practically used to improve businesses from all industries. And it is in this utility that Bitcoin mining’s high energy consumption is warranted.

“There are actually huge benefits to using Bitcoin, and that’s what justifies the energy cost. No one argues that we shouldn’t burn energy to run a hospital because it’s obvious what the benefit of that is and it’s obvious what would happen if you try to run a hospital without energy input. Bitcoin provides utility in ways that we haven’t even imagined just yet,” Shadders pointed out.

BSV, a Bitcoin implementation that is committed to realizing Bitcoin white paper author Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision, has unlocked the ability of its blockchain for unlimited scaling. Its block sizes have recently been increased to 2GB and throughput will soon be upgraded to 50,000 to 100,000 transactions per second (TPS).

As BSV scales, so will these numbers increase; and the sky is the limit. It can even go up to terabyte-sized blocks and billions of TPS. And as this happens, transaction fees will be even lowered to mere fractions of a penny. These capabilities are what is needed in order to provide utmost utility and benefits to global industries and ultimately what makes BSV the green Bitcoin.

“I think it’s really going to transform media. In my business, like filmmaking [and] communications, it’s going to empower artists to have exchange directly with consumers, get commercialization out of that relationship unless chosen. Even just the social media networks. Like what’s happening with Facebook, they’re literally selling our data for profit, and we don’t see any of that money. I like to see social media networks that allow both users and content creators have a more autonomous exchange of value,” Grenier revealed.