CM Punk says the last time he saw Vince McMahon, he called the disgraced WWE founder “unjustifiable” amid sex trafficking allegations

  • CM Punk discussed the sex trafficking allegations against Vince McMahon
  • The WWE superstar also detailed the last time he saw his former employer

CM Punk’s recent appearance on the MMA Hour sparked significant interest as he delved into his last encounter with Vince McMahon and his condemnation of the sex trafficking allegations surrounding the former WWE CEO.

After nearly a decade since his tumultuous departure from the wrestling giant, Punk made a surprising return at Survivor Series in November, igniting speculation and excitement among fans.

During the interview, Punk recounted a brief interaction with McMahon at a gym in WWE’s headquarters as he finalized the details of his return to the company. He described being on a treadmill, engrossed in a phone call, when McMahon’s trainer approached him, reminding him of McMahon’s dislike for people using phones in the gym.

McMahon soon entered the gym for his daily workout, warmly embracing Punk and expressing his pleasure at seeing him back. However, Punk noted that this was the last time he saw McMahon, highlighting the brevity of their encounter.

The conversation took a serious turn when the topic shifted to the sex trafficking allegations against McMahon. In January, a former WWE employee, Janel Grant, filed a lawsuit against McMahon, alleging that she suffered physical harm after he forcefully penetrated her with sex toys named after wrestlers. These shocking allegations led to McMahon’s resignation from his positions within the company and vehement denials of any wrongdoing.

Punk did not mince words when expressing his thoughts on the matter, labeling the allegations against McMahon as “indefensible.” Despite admitting that he hadn’t read all the details of the accusations, Punk expressed disgust upon seeing text messages related to the case. He emphasized the gravity of the situation, stating that the focus should be on the victims and how they can recover from such traumatic experiences.

The former AEW star shocked the wrestling world when he returned to WWE nearly a decade after his acrimonious departure from the company

Moreover, Punk criticized McMahon’s actions, particularly his apparent carelessness in leaving a paper trail of incriminating evidence.

He lamented the lack of accountability and the potential harm caused by such behavior. Punk stressed the importance of prioritizing the well-being of the victims and redirecting energy toward supporting them through their recovery process.

In conclusion, CM Punk’s revelations shed light on his last encounter with Vince McMahon and his unequivocal condemnation of the sex trafficking allegations against the former WWE CEO.

His words underscore the seriousness of the situation and the need for accountability and support for the victims involved. As the wrestling world grapples with these troubling accusations, Punk’s remarks serve as a reminder of the importance of addressing such issues with sensitivity and compassion.