CoinePro Review – Enjoy the Best Combination of Features

There is no doubt that the trading industry is a profitable one and has lots of opportunities to offer. The potential of high profits often lures in people, but they forget that the potential of losses also exists. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think about becoming a trader. The key is to make the right decisions, from start to finish. If you do so, it will be easier to earn maximum returns and keep losses under control. One of the most crucial decisions that every aspiring or existing trader has to make is choosing a brokerage.

It is not possibly to veer into this market without a broker, but choosing one is also a big challenge. The sheer number of options can lead to a great deal of confusion. Plus, people are also wary because of the increase in scam brokers, making it even more difficult to distinguish the good from the bad. is one of the options you will find in the market and it will become evident immediately that it is a very popular one. This brokerage caters to novice and experienced brokers alike and has clients in different parts of the world. In fact, it is now being regarded as one of Europe’s top regulated brokers due to its combination of services.

The question is how has CoinePro managed to achieve this level of popularity? There are several things that has contributed to its immense growth:

  • Its security and privacy policies

Online trading is fraught with risks, such as hacks, scams and frauds, which have become quite rampant over the internet. There have been lots of incidents when traders lost their capital, their profits and even had their identity stolen and you do not want that to happen. Hence, you need a broker that has solid security and privacy policies and this is where CoinePro trading platform has done a spectacular job. The broker has a Know Your Customer (KYC) policy that requires people to give proof of ID and proof of address before they can trade with the broker.

They also have to comply with an Anti-Money Laundering (AML) policy, which requires them to use accounts in their name. No third-party accounts can be used. Customer information and all communications are immediately encrypted to prevent access from any unauthorized individual. The broker installs all security updates and maintains strong firewalls on its website to keep it safe. All operations are monitored to ensure no criminals or hackers can gain access. No customer information can be shared without permission.

  • Its massive number of trading instruments

One of the biggest reasons of CoinePro’s staggering popularity is the number of trading instruments they offer. The broker has a whopping 1,253 instruments available for trading, which means every trader can find something to trade on their platform. It doesn’t matter what asset has drawn you in; whether you want to dip your toe into the forex market or it is the more volatile cryptocurrencies that fascinate you; CoinePro is more than capable of meeting your needs. Other than Forex and crypto, you can also invest your money in stocks, indices and commodities. The last include precious metals, natural energies and also soft commodities. No matter what your risk tolerance, you can easily find some good trading options at CoinePro.

  • Its choice of trading platforms

CoinePro has also outdone its competitors in terms of trading platform. Rather than offering a single solution for all traders to use, the broker has added several types of trading platforms to give traders the opportunity to choose one as per their comfort level. They have the Optima trading platform, which is extremely easy to use and can be customized by every trader according to their preferences. It is equipped with cutting-edge technology and delivers speed and efficiency that’s a must in trading.

Next, the broker has also added the option of WebTrader, which is a trading platform that gives you flexibility because it doesn’t need to be downloaded. Instead, you can access it via the browser and use it to manage your trades on any device that supports a web browser. If you are using a mobile device, you can also get mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, which are just as sophisticated and can be used for trading from any part of the world.

  • Its impressive leverage and reasonable costs

CoinePro wishes to facilitate trading for its customers due to which it has provided them with suitable leverage. The available leverage depends on the account you open. For beginners, it is 1:200, for more advanced traders it is 1:300 and expert traders can enjoy leverage of 1:400. The broker doesn’t have any commission policies, but does charge static spreads, which are quite tight. You don’t have to worry about any other hidden trading fee. A dormant account fee is applicable if you don’t use it for six months. CoinePro doesn’t have any charges imposed on deposits, but withdrawals incur charges based on the method used.

  • Its flexible account options

Like other brokers, CoinePro has also developed account options for its clients, which are Micro, Standard and Premium. The minimum deposit amount is $500 and all account options come with unique features for traders, depending on their skill and experience. Some features, such as personal account manager, news feed and customer support are common through all account options whereas others like Welcome Bonus, Financial calendar and Access to Masters Partial depends on the account you have chosen.

Final Thoughts

Along with these offerings, CoinePro has also become known for its rather supreme collection of trading tools, which include economic calendar and risk management tools. The broker has also made a great deal of effort in developing trading guides for its clients where they can come across some extremely detailed and knowledgeable resources. CoinePro has also added a unique set of payment methods for deposits and withdrawals and supportive and prompt customer support options to help their traders in moving forward without any hassle.