Coles supermarket is under fire for ‘scary’ halloween display from a Brisbane store

Mother demands a Coles supermarket removes its Halloween display as it’s ‘too scary for her children’ – but not everyone agrees

  • Aussie mum demands a Brisbane Coles remove its ‘scary’ halloween decorations
  • Woman was shopping at Ferny Grove Coles when her child became distressed
  • She was taken aback by the display of ‘dark’ gravestone & skull decorations 

An Australian mum has demanded a Coles supermarket take down its halloween display because she deemed it ‘too scary for her children’. 

The mum visited the Ferny Grove store in Brisbane on Thursday morning when she was shocked by the frightening display of ‘dark’ gravestone and skull decorations.

In a Facebook post to Coles, the mother explained she did not want her young children to see ‘dark and scary’ things at a supermarket. 

‘I was quite taken aback by the Halloween display at the storefront counter with the skulls and quite scary/frightening things and grave stones for young children to see,’ she wrote.

Parents have complained about the frightening Halloween decorations at Coles supermarkets this year

The shopper then said she tried to raise her concerns about the halloween decorations with management at the Coles check-out counter but was ignored.

‘I do think that you should try to keep Halloween decorations in all stores light and not leaning to dark and scary/ frightening for young children,’ she added. 

‘Not all of us want to explain to young children why there’s skulls at supermarket entrances when they cannot understand things yet but just see images and cannot choose what they wish to see or not.’

A shopper has complained halloween decorations at a Brisbane Coles are becoming too frightening for her young children

A shopper has complained halloween decorations at a Brisbane Coles are becoming too frightening for her young children

The post caught the attention of more concerned mums who agreed halloween decorations in supermarkets were becoming too frightening for children. 

‘100% agree. We avoid taking the kids to the shops at this time of year. So many stores are doing hideous, scary displays that I don’t want my kids seeing,’ wrote one parent.

‘I agree with you. My 6 year old absolutely hates it,’ commented another. 

‘I’ve not seen the display but my poor 9 year old is having extremely bad nightmares since seeing one of the Coles displays,’ added a third. 

But some parents disagreed praising the display for creativity and the hard work team members put in to decorate the store.

‘I couldn’t disagree more. My 3 and 6 year old love the display, it’s a work of art and a great conversation piece. I’ve heard many positive comments and think this sensitivity is too much,’ wrote one person. 

Some parents agreed they didn't want their children seeing frightening things

Some parents agreed they didn’t want their children seeing frightening things

‘I hope Coles realise this post perception is the minority and that many customers love the Ferny grove displays and appreciate the amount of work that go into them.’ 

‘The Ferny Grove displays are brilliant. Sounds like you need to teach your kid about what’s real and what isn’t. Why ruin it for us locals who love it,’ said another.

Coles told Daily Mail Australia, it has worked hard to improve its halloween range over the years as a result of customer feedback.

‘Every year we see more customers looking for ways to celebrate the fun of Halloween and some of our stores are getting into the spirit with spooky decorations,’ Coles said. 

‘Our intention is to inspire customers, not frighten them, so we are grateful for customer feedback and will follow up with our stores.’