College Enrollment Statistics 2020

The ratings allow you to see how the pieces fit together in the educational market and to understand where you would like to be educated and achieve your goals. It happens that the university is attractive to you, but it will not be on the list of the top universities, or the cost of education will be too high.

So, before choosing a university, it’s crucial to explore the country’s living conditions, cultural aspects, and conditions for exchange students. Let’s consider which the most demanded countries are in 2020.

The U.S.— the Leader Among Foreign Exchange Students

The education system in the USA is widely regarded as one of the most advanced in the world, so international students go here to study at schools, colleges, or universities.

Studying in American private secondary schools gives children brilliant knowledge and skills for adult life, as well as opens the way to prestigious universities. A lot of young people stay in a country and continue their education in American universities.

Students are offered high-quality training in any direction and excellent career opportunities.

British Education as the Academic Training Benchmark

The British system of education is based on centuries-old traditions, but it doesn’t prevent it from being up-to-date and keeping up with new technologies.

English universities’ diplomas are valued throughout the world, and the education you get is an excellent start to an international career. Over 50,000 are welcomed here every year. The UK is a great place to practice English, and not just because it is a national language.

It is also an excellent opportunity to learn the “British accent” and to get to know the culture of this great state.

Canadian Education

45,000 students from different countries come to study in Canada. The tuition fee is lower than in America and the UK and, nevertheless, meets the highest world standards.

The government strictly controls the quality of higher education, but it hasn’t stopped students from finding such a writing service as SpeedyPaper and ordering the assignments there because each and every speedy paper review says that this company can handle any assignment and provide papers of high quality no matter what.

There are all the necessary facilities for student’s leisure time on campus.

Italy Is for Lovers of Creativity

In Italy, there are 47 public universities and 9 independent ones with a general license. Most public universities teach in Italian. English is used for teaching in private universities, and they also follow the European Bachelor’s and Master’s systems.

As you know, Italy is the heart of design and the world of fashion, for which the staff is prepared by schools with a rich history and a long list of graduates.

While studying, much attention is paid to the combination of theoretical classes and practice, so here you have no chance to ask somebody, “Can you do my homework for me?”, you need to do it on your own as students work on projects for famous brands.

It is up to you to decide which country to choose for your education, and the main thing is that it will benefit you.