College Fashion: Top Trends and Tips

College life allows one to discover who they are. You get to explore different types of courses until you settle with the correct one. Besides, you will also have the opportunity to try out different fashion styles, until you find the right one for you.

One thing with college fashion is it gives you the chance to express yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are searching for a new fashion style or to continue rocking in your usual style, always keep creativity in your mind. So, let’s look at the top trends and tips for college fashion.

Jeans and t-shirts will always make you rock

Up to today, jeans and t-shirts are still the common outfit combination for college students—and this applies to both ladies and gents. If you are a fan of this outfit, you should consider adding some freshness and swag to it. The interesting thing with t-shirts is that you can brand them as you want. It’s very common to see college students wearing the branded outfit—and mostly they do this to express their inner feelings or to express themselves how they feel about something.

For example, you can opt to brand your t-shirt with your college logo. Also, you can opt to go for a t-shirt that has your college color, or you can even combine both the college color and logo in your t-shirt. This outfit is unique and will make you stand out among your peers.

For ladies, they can pair straight-legged jeans with a t-shirt of their choice. This outfit can give you a “put-together” look. Besides, it’s very comfortable, and you wear it any time—be it going out with your friends or attending lectures.

Cardigans and sweaters

Both cardigans and sweaters are some of the top fashion trends during the fall season. Most college students can agree to the fact that it’s a challenge to study in the cold and rainy season. But, this can be much easier when you have the right outfit for that season.

If you want to have an easier time during the cold and rainy season, then go for cardigans and sweaters. These two are very versatile and can fit perfectly with jeans. Thus, you don’t need to look for another outfit to match with them. Whenever possible, look for different textures and colors so that you get a variety. Thus, you’ll be able to beat the cold and rainy season without a challenge. Besides, ensure that you get a variety of light and heavy cardigans and sweaters.

Choose sneakers for your footwear

Sneakers are unique and classic—and this is what most college students want as part of their outfit. Besides, it’s not easy for a person to ignore you if you are wearing nice shoes. And, as the old saying goes—people will always judge you according to the kind of shoes that you wear.

As a college student, you can never regret having sneakers—they’ve never lost their classic feel, and they are also trendy. Thus, you can never doubt yourself when wearing sneakers. The most interesting thing with sneakers is that they come in numerous colors. That means, you’ll always feel comfortable, and retain that youthful and stylish appearance you’ve always desired to have.

Don’t forget to accessorize your outfit

Your outfit won’t be complete without adding some accessories to it. Throwing in a few accessories to your outfit will enhance your appearance. For ladies, some of the common accessories include hats, earrings, and bags. Men can go for scarfs, sunglasses, caps, as well as bags. When choosing your accessories, go for ones that match with several clothes in your wardrobe. Such accessories won’t limit you to a single outfit, and you can also use them for different occasions.

Tips for finding your style

Most college students have a challenge in finding their style. As a result, they end up buying outfits that don’t fit them. When searching for clothes, you should always go for designs that express your personality. Yes, you might admire someone’s outfit, but copying them won’t make you look as good as them.

The following are three tips to help you in finding your style:

  • Understand your body type – this is mostly applicable to ladies. By understanding your body type, you’ll be able to find clothes that you are comfortable with, and ones that fit you perfectly. Most stores have assistants to help you in this area, and you shouldn’t be afraid of asking for clothes that match your body type.
  • Don’t be so choosy – most people will ignore second-hand clothes, and go for new ones, which are a bit expensive. However, most stores have some amazing second-hand clothes, which are sold at a cheaper price. With such clothes, you can find a variety, meaning your semester is all sorted out!
  • Have a capsule wardrobe – this type of wardrobe will allow you to have clothes that look good, and you can mix them with different types of outfits. These can include your favorite jean, casual coats, t-shirts, tops, and different types of jackets, like the letterman jackets by VarsityBase, among others.