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College Football An Exciting Sport

College football is easily one of the most exciting sports that you can watch on television. The games tend to be action-packed, but also since most of the players are not going to move onto the professionals they tend to be playing for their own pride. A good way to think about college football is more of the Texas high school football seasons being played, but on a national scale with kids that are hoping to get the attention of an NFL scout. So what else makes college football one of the most exciting sports to watch?

Kids Typically Play For Pride

With college football, the players that are on the field as mentioned usually do not go onto the NFL or the CFL. Instead, once they are done in college football their careers are done. Well, that tends to mean the kids are playing harder and looking towards other career options. When the players play with pride it makes the games a lot more enjoyable and tends to provide the excitement that you only get when playing without concern for the money they are earning.

Bigger Rivalry Type Of Matches

Rivalry games are common in all types of sports from the NFL, NBA, all the way down to pee-wee hockey. However, in college football, the games tend to take on a form that is not seen anywhere else. In some cases, you get a rivalry like Michigan and Ohio State that literally can split families for one day of the year. In other cases, you end up with smaller rivalries between smaller schools that will remind you of the games between your high school and the rival team down the street.

The Fan Experience

The fans in college football tend to have quite a bit of fun and make the stadiums when they are allowed inside of them again, louder than you can imagine. The stadiums tend to start to rock and the tailgating experience tends to start hours to even days before the game starts. All of this makes it easier for you to get into the game and enjoy it even more.

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