College student reveals how she became a sugar baby

A woman has taken to Reddit to reveal the pitfalls of being a sugar baby.  

Writing her story under the username lwh5380384, the woman shared how at first she thought being a sugar baby was just an easy way to pay off some debt. 

When she first started ‘sugaring’, the woman was ‘broke and in a terrible relationship, poor and desperate’, and struggling to pay back her college loans. 

The sweet life: A sugar baby has taken to Reddit to reveal what it was really like to date a 63-year-old widower for money (file photo used)

On the verge of ending her education due to lack of funds, she explained that after learning about sugar daddies online, she decided to go about getting a sugar daddy of her own. 

As a ‘newbie’ she said she had no idea about what being a sugar baby would entail so tried to do as much research as possible.

‘My first sugar daddy is an old man who is literally at the age of my grandpa, actually a 63 [year] old retired engineer in LA. Lets call him Mr. G.

‘Mr. G looks like a gentleman from his words online and we have some nice chats there. 

‘He told me that he lost his wife a few years ago, and he had a daughter and a son but they both lived abroad, and he was just lonely and needed some one to keep company with,’ she typed.

However, she also naively thought sugaring wasn’t about sex and said that when she learnt he had three other sugar babies, all of them young college girls, who had sex with him, she quickly realized ‘all sugar relationships are related to sex’. 

‘I realize that those perfect sugar stories are just fair tales. You can’t ask a man to pay for your college just with some nice dinners and romantic dates!’

However, the woman did say her relationship with Mr. G started off well. 

‘He is the one who helped me take the first step into the sugar bowl, taught me the basic rules of sugar relationship, and let me see the possibilities of myself,’ she typed.

But she also explained that it became immediately clear to her that the dynamic between a sugar baby and a sugar daddy was not a normal one. 

‘Whatever people call this relationship between a sugar daddy and sugar baby, it’s pretty much just a kind of mutually beneficial relationship,’ she explained. 

Mutually beneficial: The woman also shared how she agreed her terms with her sugar daddy on the first date and that sex was a part of the deal (file photo used) 

Mutually beneficial: The woman also shared how she agreed her terms with her sugar daddy on the first date and that sex was a part of the deal (file photo used) 

‘On normal dates people typically lie about what they want and what they have to offer, just wanna make themselves look good from the outside,’ she added.

‘But in the sugar relationship, people are more truthful about that. You can lie all you want but it will come out immediately when things aren’t going right.’

She also revealed that on the first date, a sugar daddy and sugar baby will negotiate the finer details like how much allowance a sugar baby can expect and what is expected of her.  

The woman did embark on a sexual relationship with Mr. G, and although he was older looking than she expected, shared that he was a ‘nice gentleman with humor’ and a ‘nice lover’.

The sugar baby dated Mr. G for a year and he paid off half her college debt.  

She also shared some logical advice for other women contemplating a similar relationship: ‘You should create your relationship on your own terms. What you do beneficially is up to you. 

‘The sugaring could be anything, literally you choose what you want and you agree on it: sex, without sex, just somebody who want to go dating or just dinner. If that person didn’t hold it up to the end of the bargain, you can just end it.’

That being said, the sugar baby did warn others that not being taken advantage of is crucial and sugar babies need to be vigilant to not let this happen.

‘Don’t give in if you’re not comfortable with it cause once you give in, men always ask more and you’ll lose the bottom line.’