Collins hopes voters of Alabama choose not to elect Moore

Sen. Susan Collins, a moderate Republican from Maine, said Sunday that she hoped she didn’t have to serve alongside embattled Senate candidate Roy Moore, even though they’re members of the same party. 

‘I hope that the voters of Alabama choose not to elect him,’ Collins told CNN’s Jake Tapper on an episode of State of the Union. 

Collins said she wasn’t supporting Moore even before multiple women alleged that he preyed on them as teenagers, accusing him of sexual assault and attempted rape. 


Sen. Susan Collins said Sunday that she hoped the voters of Alabama chose not to elect Roy Moore, who has been accused of numerous sexual misdeeds 

CNN's Jake Tapper (left) asked Sen. Susan Collins (right) if she'd prefer to serve with Democrat Doug Jones. She wouldn't go that far, saying she didn't know Jones, but that she never supported Roy Moore 

CNN’s Jake Tapper (left) asked Sen. Susan Collins (right) if she’d prefer to serve with Democrat Doug Jones. She wouldn’t go that far, saying she didn’t know Jones, but that she never supported Roy Moore 

‘I came out against Roy Moore very early, in fact before these terrible allegations were levied against him, because I was concerned about his performance as a member of the Alabama Supreme Court when he had been removed twice for failing to follow lawful order and also because of his comments on Muslims and LGBT individuals,’ Collins said.

The Maine Republican explained that Moore would have to be seated in the U.S. Senate if he wins the December 12 special election against Democrat Doug Jones, because he meets the age and residency requirements found in the U.S. Constitution. 

‘But I hope we don’t get there,’ she said. 

‘I think we’re getting ahead of ourselves,’ Collins added. 

Tapper then asked if Collins would rather serve alongside Jones.  

‘I don’t know Doug Jones at all, but I’ve never supported Roy Moore,’ she said. ‘And I hope that he does not end up being in the United States Senate.’

Tapper also asked Collins if she thought the allegations against Moore are credible. 

‘I do. I read his explanation. I listened to his radio interview. And I did not find his denials to be convincing at all,’ she noted. ‘So, from my perspective, these are credible allegations against him.’

The CNN newsman also pointed to the White House’s response to allegations against Democratic Sen. Al Franken, saying they are credible because Franken admitted to wrongdoing. 

In turn, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders suggested President Trump’s accusers – who came out in the aftermath of the Access Hollywood tape release last October – aren’t credible because he did not admit guilt.  

Tapper asked Collins if she bought that line from the White House. 

‘I did not support President Trump,’ she answered. ‘He was not my candidate for president. And part of the reason why were allegations about how he treated women.’ 

‘I made my decision before the [Access Hollywood] tape came out,’ she added. ‘But I was not a supporter of President Trump for the Republican nomination.’