Colombia – A Role Model for Latin American Gaming Industry

Currently, Colombia is a location in Latin America – the gaming industry in Colombia is regulated by Coljuegos. Coljuegos has created legal stability for investors and a safe environment that definitely protects and allow foreign operators to get into the local market.

In 2019, the online betting market size was appreciated at around $5 billion and is expected to grow at an annual rate of 11.5% by 2027. The increasing use of smartphones and high internet usage among people who play online games from their homes are thriving in the market. Additionally, some factors are contributing to the market growth, such as:

  • Nowadays’ easy access to the online gambling
  • Corporate sponsorship
  • Legalization and cultural approval
  • Celebrity endorsement

Gambling is a global activity

The internet has become a global platform that allows merchants to offer their products and services in the digital market space, but also to communicate easily with each other. Since the last decade, the consumption of online services increased by almost 30%. Also, along with the growing use of the internet, the growth rate of online casinos increased significantly. Developments in the online area are similar to the annual growth of gambling websites. Thus, online casinos and sportium are moving their focus to support gamblers, and ensure that they prevent illegal dealings, and only provide credibility to the processes.

Many of the online casinos, such as sportium are offering a combination bet bonus or promotions for failed bets. Online gambling can be considered a global activity working in multiple server points. No matter if you’re new to gambling: after playing a couple of games, you’ll gain enough experience to master even the toughest game. For example, the gaming experience you will get from Colbet casino (” la experiencia de juego que obtendrás del casino Colbet“) will make you be in control of any kind of gambling game.

A lot of countries that legalized online gambling also offered a higher rate of employment and it helped in revenue income. For instance, in Colombia, online gambling has made sure to fight off all the unregulated gambling websites, blocking those who aren’t respecting the law’s requirements. This initiative has made Colombians gamble safely and responsibly.

The gaming industry in Colombia

Casino Online en Colombia rose in popularity, with most of them providing users with amazing gaming experiences. But you could also choose to play online – there’s a wide variety of entertaining games, with some popular ones like poker, blackjack, slots, baccarat, roulette, etc. Colombians are excited at the idea of gambling anywhere and at any time.

Colombia has a great gaming history. As already mentioned above, it is the only country in Latin America that has regulated the online gambling market. Colombia regulator reports powerful iGaming growth for the next decade. This country has always been a target for major gambling operators around the world. We can honestly say that Colombia is a role model for the Latin America Gambling industry. After it adopted the eGaming Act, Colombia is paving its way for people who want to develop gambling laws that meet society’s demand.

Colombia has been fighting its bad reputation for decades. It was once called The Capital of Trafficking and Cocaine in South America. After finally getting rid of its dark shadow, Colombia gained a lot of respect and rebuilt its reputation. Some of the best gambling venues can be found in:

  • Medellin
  • Bucaramanga
  • Pereira
  • Cucuta
  • Barranquilla
  • Cartago
  • Armenia
  • Soledad

The experience of gambling in Colombia is incomparable: the capital of Bogota can be visited by tourists and locals, with no constraints. Online gambling has seen a rise in Colombia, and it’s expected to grow its popularity even more in the next few years. After the chaos it has seen, Colombia can now enjoy its success in the online gambling market.

The Colombian gambling industry is on the rise

The Colombian population is rapidly approaching 50 million, and the economy is in full growth. A country is now a modern place where people can focus on their activities without being worried about the surrounding factors. Coljuegos intends to improve the existing gambling system and create a law that improves the existing gambling land. It means that changes are expected in the nearest future in the gambling industry in Colombia. These changes can only attract new people to play all the entertaining games like slot machines, poker, baccarat, blackjack, etc. We can say that Colombia is becoming a shining role model for Latin America, with tons of benefits that gambling legislation can bring.

Here are some top-rated casinos in Colombia:

  • Cali Gran Casino
  • Casino Rio Pereira
  • Casino Excalibur Medellín
  • Casino Broadway Apartado
  • Casino Broadway Bogota – Jiménez
  • Casino El Castillo Terminal Cali
  • Cartagena Casino
  • Hollywood Casino Chipichape
  • Cartagena Casino
  • Jack Diamond Casino Club
  • Casino Rio Bogota
  • Casino El Castillo-Palmira
  • Casino Rio Barranquilla
  • Casino Rio Cartagena
  • Casino Rock’N’Jazz
  • Casino Caribe Unicentro
  • Casino Caribe Canaveral

Well, these are just some of the most popular gambling destinations in South America. the casinos are quite visited by local people, but also by foreigners. Regulations are very strict and have been put in place to make it as safe as possible. Most top-rated casinos are located in Bogota, which have many slot machines, roulette, poker, baccarat, lottery games, etc. Also, technology has made it easier for people to bet on these games, by using their phones and the internet. All customers can play on gambling websites from the comfort of their homes.

Colombia is the perfect place for enjoying gambling games. There are 25 cities in South America with legal gambling, with around 80 facilities available. The largest casino is located in Bogota, with 33 gaming, slot, and video poker machines. Although it’s been through hell for many decades, Colombia is now a safe place to gamble, and it definitely has a positive story for people around the world.