Colorado couple allegedly had sex with dog in motorhome sex chamber

  • Frederick Manzanares, 50, and Janette Solano, 48, charged with animal cruelty
  • Solano told police that Manzanres told her to have an open mind about bestiality
  • Claims he showed her videos, forums before they began having sex with Bubba
  • Motor home had customized padded bench to make the sex with Bubba easier  

A Colorado couple are facing animal cruelty charges after they allegedly had sex with their dog in a backyard motorhome that they converted into a sex chamber. 

Frederick Blue Manzanares, 50, and his ex-girlfriend Janette Eileen Solano, 48, were arrested in March and have been charged with four counts of cruelty to animals. 

Police began investigating in March 2017 after Solano reported a domestic violence incident involving Manzanares. 

She later told an officer that they only had an argument, but that she was leaving Manzanares because he pressured her into having sex with their dog.

Frederick Manzanares, 50, and his ex-girlfriend Janette Solano, 48, were charged with animal cruelty after they allegedly had sex with their dog Bubba in a motorhome sex chamber

Solano claimed that she first discovered pictures of bestiality on the couple’s shared laptop and confronted Manzanares about them, according to the Denver Post. 

She said he told her to have an open mind and then began introducing her to bestiality videos, forums, and literature, according to the affidavit.  

Solano said the couple then began having sex with their Siberian husky mix, named Bubba. 

She alleged these sexual acts occurred inside a motorhome that Manzanares had outfitted with a customized padded bench to make it easier to copulate with Bubba.

Manzanares allegedly used dog hormone spray to arouse Bubba and would take pictures and videos while they had sex with him. 

Videos of the couple having sex with Bubba were later found by police. 

Solano said she started to become ‘somewhat jealous’ of her boyfriend’s relationship with their dog and that it would often lead to arguments. 

Bestiality only became illegal in Colorado in 2007. The couple have been charged with a misdemeanor. 

Aurora Police Department officials could not immediately tell where Bubba is now and said there is a gag order on the couple’s case.