Colourblind man sees colour for the first time

The latest sensation to sweep the internet will leave you undeniably touched, as people who have never seen red, experience the colour for the first time.

Now it’s Ross Morum’s turn – a 30-year-old colourblind man in South Africa.

Video shows Ross, sitting in the Durban Botanical Gardens, receiving a pair of EnChroma glasses for his birthday.

EnChroma glasses, a luxury item costing up to $679 (£515), have a colour corrected lens that enhances the colours a person can’t see – it’s like a biological filter prompting the colour cones in a wearer’s eye.    

In the video, Ross is sobbing before even trying on the glasses, which is a gift from his friends and wife, Pascale.

It doesn’t seem like the glasses are working when Ross first puts them on, but then he turns to a patch of red flowers.

Immediately, Ross’ world seems transformed. 

In shock to the people around him he says: ‘I can’t believe what you guys get to see’.

He added: ‘I was never aware that I was colourblind. I always thought I was just bad with colours as I would often get blue and purple, red and green, yellow and orange and red and pink confused with each other. 

Ross has a red/green colour deficiency, meaning most colours, like red, green, brown and orange, can all look the same to him.

He said: ‘The best example I know is a picture of a fruit stall where every item looks a shade of green. I can’t tell the difference between that picture and a colour picture.

EnChroma glasses raises the intensity of these colours by selectively filtering the light that goes into the colourblind person’s eyes, making them perceive colour similar to how a normal eyesight would.

Ross said: ‘When I eventually wore them it was an overwhelming sight. All the reds, greens, pinks and purples seemed to just stand out like never before. They were so much more vivid. It’s like the glasses put an Instagram filter.’