Common Car Accidents and How to Help Avoid Them

When the crash results in injuries, or significant personal losses in terms of financial or personal loss, the impending feeling of exasperation and helplessness becomes overwhelming to cope with.

Today, with an increasing number of rampant cases of road rage and rash driving have witnessed a sudden jump due to the easy availability of vehicles to everyone, most of whom are not responsible enough or have reckless attitudes towards accountability of personal liability.

Car crashes in Arizona are more often than not scenarios such as wrong-way crashes, drunk driving incidents, and multiple-vehicle collisions, especially in the metro area of Phoenix!

Keeping individuals, families, children, and even pedestrians, cyclists,s and last but not least all types of motorists safe has become a more difficult task than ever before! The law enforcement division always has been having a hard time keeping up with the ever-increasing numbers of crimes in the neighborhood, especially road accidents.

In such a scenario, always having a car accident lawyer on the speed dial of your mobile phone, becomes more imperative than ever before.

While you are behind the wheel, whether you are driving alone or with any passenger inside your vehicle, such as children or even your entire family, one can never predict when a mishap may occur on the road to your destination.

What Do The Numbers Say

As of 2021, the Arizona Department of Transportation has registered that about 68% of crashes occur in broad daylight as against a misconception that most accidents always occurred during the night time.

On the roads of Arizona, it is a statistical nightmare to read that about 2.32 individuals met with death every single day! Wherein, one person was grievously injured every 10 minutes and 11 seconds.

In Arizona, the leading type of accidents factored in were rear-ended collisions, follow by sideswipes and left-turn collisions, all of which enumerated 74,396 accidents from the total of 100,518 accidents in the entire state of Arizona.

The people of Grand Canyon Valley have a baseline of completing a minimum of at least 30 hours of supervised driving practice, through a registered and approved driving school, without focusing solely on achieving a driver’s license.

Most teens eagerly awaiting their driver’s license have no clue of the endangered roads they would be driving on as well as their responsibility towards themselves, their family, and everyone else cruising down narrow street lanes or the expressway.

The law states that every license applicant must also complete or have experience of having driven about 10 hours at night to be qualified to appear for the driver’s license graduation test.

Today, with millions of Americans have begun to opt for rideshare commuting, which has also increased the number of casualties witnessed in ride-share vehicle collisions on the roads of Arizona.

The liability has increased manifold with the increased usage of rideshare accidents over the past few years, making it imperative for every individual to seek the help of a Car Accident Lawyer in Arizona.

A Bit of Information About Recent Cases

A peculiar case witnessed recently, involved a passenger in a ride-share vehicle, which was -ended by a semi-truck.

The ensuing collision drove the rideshare vehicle into another car ahead of it. Since, this involved multiple vehicles and several individuals, all the parties in the crash as well as the notorious insurance companies focused on blaming all the others.

This is where Car Accident Lawyers play a pivotal role in helping their clients identify the parties at fault, and seek proper and entitled compensation from the insurance companies as it is deserved.

Car Accident Lawyers are well-equipped to analyze and study the situation better and even identify the insurance policies of the rideshare companies, enabling them to ensure full compensation for the major victims, forming their client base.

In another study, it was also critically observed that most such cases of road accidents in Arizona, occurred due to distracted driving. Although, as per common misconceptions, distracted driving just isn’t limited to playing with your phone while you’re (mis)handling your steering wheel.

Many people at fault in most accidents are also found to be either eating, fiddling with the radio, or focused on menacing social media, which has caused the number of cases to shoot up in recent times.

With all such scenarios, it becomes important for all drivers on the roads of Arizona to focus on staying alert, while also paying attention to driving on the road in the daytime or even during the dark hours of the night.

One must remember that, whenever we take a seat behind the wheel, we must gauge the potential risks, and complexities of driving every time, along with considering the probability of anyone rushing in head-on without paying heed to the road safety rules.