Common Causes of roof leaks

Imagine having to always run for a drip bucket anytime it rains. As fun as that sounds, it is not a fate anyone wishes to have. No matter the size of your home, a leaking roof is not something one wishes for. Aside from the danger, it exposes you to; it can also trigger other issues, therefore, leaving you with multiple problems to solve. Certain factors cause roof leaks, and knowing these factors goes a long way to help you avoid these problems. Below are some of the common causes of roof leaks:

Cracked Flashing

This is a major cause of roof leakage. The flashing of the roof is a piece of thin metal placed under the shingle for the purpose of resisting water, and when a crack appears on this material, it prevents it from performing its purpose effectively. Cracked flashings occur with time, especially when the roofer uses tar to seal the flashing together as this can corrode with time. Elements of weather like rainfall, wind, and sunlight can also lead to the cracking of the roof’s flashing. You can solve this problem by contacting Dynasty Building Solutions Roofing Contractors to replace the cracked flashing.

Not Sealing the Valley of Your Roof Properly

The valley of the roof is the region where two plains of the roof meet and these plains are recognized by their slopes. When the valley is not properly sealed together, there is a chance of water getting into your home as it runs down the roof. Before attributing the leak in your home to a poorly sealed valley, you should confirm by searching for wet spots along the seam of the roof. This can only be fixed with the help of a highly skilled roofer due to its complexity.

Broken Shingles

This is another very common cause of roof leak. A completely removed shingle is easy to spot as, after a heavy storm, you can find them littering the ground. A broken shingle on the other land may need you to take a closer look at your roof, and reoccurring leaks are usually a sign that your roof’s shingle could be broken. One major cause of damaged shingles is heavy rain and storm.

Depending on the size of the damage, you can either opt for just the repair of the broken parts or the full replacement of the roof’s shingles.

Cracked Vent Booting.

This is another cause of the leak you experience in your home. The vent is the part of the roof that is designed to pass out excess moisture from the house. It looks like a small pipe sticking out from the roof, and the entrance is usually sealed with a tight rubber boot. Due to rain, the decay of the roof, and many other factors, the booting can become cracked and in turn, leave the house vulnerable to leaks. You can stop the leak by replacing the cracked boot with a new one and sealing it tightly.

The Buildup of Ice Dams

The mass of ice building up on your roof are what is referred to as ice dams. As they continue to build up, they prevent the melted ice on the roof from trickling down, and they are also responsible for leaks in the roof. As the ice dam continues to increase in size, its weight can cause a crack on the roof. This problem can be prevented by pushing down the buildup of ice before it gets big enough to cause major damage. A roof rake can be used to carry out this activity as it is long enough to reach almost all the corners of the roof.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters are meant to direct the flow of water off your roof, and when it is clogged, it can cause you to experience water leaks. It is important to pay close attention to leaves sticking out of the gutter or a situation whereby water is no longer trickling out during heavy rainfall as these are signs of a clogged gutter. When this occurs, the water meant to leave the roof is gathered at a spot, and as it increases, it starts to seep through the roof.

Cracked Chimney

A cracked chimney is another common cause of roof leaks, and it is usually due to wear and tear. With time, the material used in the making of the chimney could deteriorate and in the process leaves some part of the roof susceptible to water.

When you experience leaks in your house, you should have these causes in mind, so it is easier to find a long-lasting solution.