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Common lock problems that you can handle on your own

Door locks are vital and to be honest, most of the people don’t really pay attention to how crucial door locks can be. The primary purpose of using door lock is to keep your property, co-workers and family safe depending on what kind of property you have used the door lock for. Don’t wait for something devastating to happen to your property if the door locks stop performing as they should. Things may go wrong, but if you know how to fix some of the small issues when it comes to door locks, you can be sure that nothing wrong will happen. Also, if you can’t fix these common lock problems on your own, you know for a fact that locksmith in Norcross is always there for you.

Door key broke in the door

One of the most annoying locks and key issues that any homeowner or business owner can go through is key breaking down while trying to unlock the door. This happens mostly when someone is in a hurry. The best way to avoid this frustrating situation is to go slow while opening the door. It is understood that you are in a hurry, but a broken key won’t unlock the door, right. The goal of using the key is to lock and unlock the door of your property. A broken key is good for nothing. That’s why take time while locking or unlocking the doors.

Unbale to insert key

There could be several reasons why you are not able to unlock the door of your house or property. First things first, you need to see whether you are using the right key to open the right door. Even if this thought might come across the most usual, human beings tend to forget the most common problems. Another reason could be the keyhole has accumulated dirt and debris. In that case, you will have to clean the keyhole first before inserting the key to save your time. To save yourself from this common problem, you can make it a point to clean the keyhole from time to time. Also, take a look at the key as well, probably the shape has been deteriorated with time.

Slow door locks

Slow door locks mostly happen when there is grimly acculturated in the lock. Take out a cotton swab, and insert it into the lock to remove the dirt and debris from it. Suppose this technique doesn’t work. Try lubricating the lock; this should help. However, don’t use oil for whatever reason. The oil contains grease and grease can easily vlog the lock. Clogged locks will create even further issues, which you might have to take care of as well. There is silicone and graphite spray readily available online and offline; you can try that to lubricate the lock.

The door won’t latch

If the latch bolt that is there on the door is not aligned correctly, then the door will certainly not latch. You can try making some latch adjustments because most of the time, this is what needs to be done to resolve the issue. If you can’t do it on your own, try calling someone who will fix the problem for you. Also, make sure to call someone professional.


Life can become very stressful when you run out of solutions to fix your lock. Lock damages are quite frequent, and that’s why you must ensure to speak to someone professional and reliable. Call an expert locksmith in Roswell, such as Top Atlanta Locksmith, LLC to fix the lock problems. Hire someone reliable because not every locksmith company will provide you with adequate service.