Compensation for family of boy killed when gravestone toppled onto him

  • Schoolboy died in Glasgow graveyard after memorial toppled on top of him
  • Probe found death would have been avoided if memorial had been maintained
  • City’s council has now paid the family a six-figure sum, lawyers announce 

Ciaran Williamson died when a gravestone toppled onto him when he and his friends were playing in a graveyard. His family have now been given a six-figure damages payout

The family of a boy who died after he was crushed by a gravestone have given a six figure compensation payout from the local council.

Ciaran Williamson, aged eight, was killed while playing with friends in Craigton Cemetery in Glasgow in May 2015.

A Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) found his death could have been avoided if safety precautions had been taken in the Glasgow cemetery where the gravestone stood.

It was announced today that a legal claim was settled out of court for a six-figure sum and will be split among a number of family members.

In a statement released via their lawyers Digby Brown Solicitors, Ciaran’s family said: ‘We are glad the final legal hurdle is over.

‘The last three years have been devastating for us – especially during the FAI and having to relive everything.

‘However we’re grateful the civil action could be settled so quickly as it means we can start to piece ourselves back together.

‘We’d like to say thank you to our friends, family, the local community and the media who have supported us emotionally and practically since Ciaran passed away.’ 

The accident happened at Craigton Cemetery in eastern Glasgow in May 2015

The accident happened at Craigton Cemetery in eastern Glasgow in May 2015

The FAI heard a group of five boys were playing a game involving climbing on to a large 1920s memorial and grabbing the branch of a tree to swing to the ground.

Ciaran had been standing at the base of the memorial, which weighed almost two-and-a-half tons, when it toppled.

Sheriff Linda Ruxton ruled the boy’s death could have been prevented if the memorial had been subject to a routine inspection, and if a hole in the wall where the boys got in had been repaired.

Mark Gibson, partner at Digby Brown Solicitors, said: ‘Ciaran’s family have endured a very public agony and in ways very few people can relate to so first and foremost I’d like to pay tribute to them for their courage throughout.

‘I can confirm a civil action against Glasgow City Council has now been settled which I hope means the family can start focusing on themselves again.’