Complete Guide to Trucker Resources

Over the years, the number of truck drivers and truck owners has dramatically increased both nationwide and internationally. People drive trucks because companies employ them; others own the trucks while some live in RVs or camper trails.

The number of people joining this career will continue to increase as long as there are more companies, truck rental services, and improved infrastructure, which will, in turn, increase the demand for truck transportation.

For this reason, online trucking resources will continue to grow as more people continue to use them. These resources help both the old and the new truck drivers to understand everything in truck driving. Therefore, we will talk about a couple of the guides before you get going on the road:

Tracker Slang

Truckers have coded words for common words, places, and things. Learning their terms is like learning a whole new language. Some words are complicated, but some of them are easy to understand for a new person. Some of these resources include

  • Angels of Trucker– This is an online resource containing the slang words used, and it has many US city names.
  • Dictionary of Road Terms – This online resource lists basic terms used by truck drives daily.
  • A Truckers Wife – This type of online resource is used to break down the standard words used in the trucker’s slang

Women in Trucking

There are numerous female truck drivers on the road today, although they are not as many as their male counterparts. Some of these women are employed by truck companies, while others own RVs or camper trails. Therefore, today, there are a couple of resources that help guide women on the road. Those resources include:

  • Women in Trucking Association– This non-profit organization encourages women’s employment in the truck industry by promoting what they have accomplished. They also help to reduce the obstacles that women face.
  • Com – This online resource has articles that give women tips on truck driving and job information.
  • National and International Women Trucking Association– this organization also helps women find jobs in the trucking industry.
  • Salute to Women– This one helps women get jobs and has articles that give road tips. Women truck drivers are also featured on their blogs.
  • Lady Truck Drivers-Women in Trucking: this one gives the history in truck driving, for example, about the lady who was the first truck driver

National Road Conditions

These resources help truck drivers operate on the road smoothly and get past any challenges they encounter in their way. They give truck drivers information on road conditions while they are driving. For example, they provide weather reports and the traffic conditions in the country. They also offer maps to help them smoothly navigate across the country. Also, they alert drivers if there is road construction on a particular road ahead. Examples of these online resources include:

  • Trucker to Trucker
  • AccuTraffic
  • National Traffic and Road Closure
  • Rand McNally
  • Midnight Trucking Radio Network Truckers Resources- Port Authority of NY & NJ

Height, Weight and Length Regulation

There are many resources online that give truckers detailed information on why it is vital to know the height, weight, and length of their trucks while they are on the roads. Some resources give laws and regulations that affect truck drivers and the size of their trucks. Also, they talk about rules regarding motor safety and compliance they are required to follow. Examples of these resources include:

  • Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
  • Fleet Owner
  • BCEO- Truck Weight Limit Enforcement

History of Trucking and Trucking Conditions

If you are interested in the history of truck driving, these online resources provide a detailed timeline of the trucking industry. Others show the fuel centers, the prices, and the area where truck travelers can stop. These resources include

  • Trucking Industry Overview- History of Trucking
  • American Truck History Society
  • The Trucker
  • Fuel Prices

10 Codes

These are the numerical codes used by trackers for communication. Online resources explain how these codes work and how best to use them. They break down these codes to the most used, including the Q codes and the 13-codes often used on the CB radio. Examples of these resources include:

  • Official Ten-Code List
  • Dispatch Magazine
  • CB World
  • 13 Codes

The type of driver you are determines how many hours you spend on the road. Some drivers work for months with a few days or weeks off. As such, you must familiarize yourself with handy online resources and learn different trucking rules, conditions, codes, and even slang.