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Complete Treatment: Why Chiropractic’s Holistic Approach Is Important

Say you had a garden, and in this garden recently you were seeing a surge of pests eat and ruin your plants and flowers. Would you go to each pest individually – each aphid or beetle – and remove it from the garden, in the hopes of ridding the problem? No, you hopefully wouldn’t, recognizing that it only treats the problem superficially, neglecting to tackle the root cause of the problem. This is the same sort of principle people talk about when they mention holistic approaches to wellness; why treat the symptom or by-product of an issue when you can take a closer look and identify the crux of the problem?

The term “holistic”, as it applies to wellness, means treating the whole body as a functioning unit, rather than a sum of parts. Those who practice a holistic approach understand that various parts of the body affect various other parts, and that in order to treat a particular issue you need to at least try and understand the bigger picture. Unfortunately, the term ‘holistic’ is sometimes positioned in the media as being against western medicine, but (apart from some outlying practitioners of “holistic medicine”) that is not the case; in fact, many medical doctors take a holistic approach to their practice.

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Chiropractic falls into this category: based in scientific research and study, it nevertheless takes a holistic approach to wellness. Chiropractors look at the complete picture, including your exercise habits, sleep habits, diet and daily routines, as well as your musculoskeletal and nervous systems to help treat a variety of ailments, and, more importantly, create a healthier lifestyle going forward. They not only perform spinal adjustments, but offer tips on stretches, exercises, posture and sleep posture. If you want to know how to find the best chiropractor just ask them the services they offer; a great chiropractor will offer treatment as well as advice.

There are people that visit a chiropractor for back pain, only to find that the holistic approach the chiropractor takes clears up a bevy of other problems they did not know were related. Chiropractic patients have reported experiencing fewer colds, a better sleep schedule, fewer and less severe headaches, and a better overall quality of life. The spine is such a fundamental part of the body that it’s no wonder its health can have a profound effect on your greater wellness. It is for this reason in particular that athletes tend to frequent their chiropractor’s office – when your whole body and bodily awareness are required to be in top shape, chiropractic’s holistic approach is very important.

If you suspect that your posture at work or during sleep is negatively affecting your overall health and wellness, do not hesitate to visit a chiropractor. Likewise if you are experiencing neck or back pain, whether due to injury, repetitive stress, your pregnancy, or for no discernible reason, consider a chiropractor. They will ask you questions, take an interest in your lifestyle, offer tips and perform spinal adjustments to help alleviate pain. You might even find that it clears up issues you didn’t even know were related. That’s the power of a holistic approach!

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