Computer keyboard: concept, varietie and designs

The keyboard is one of the fundamental elements of the computer periphery, providing the input of characters into the computer itself. This device provides control of the system along with a computer mouse.

A computer keyboard is that element of a PC, without which it is difficult to imagine the normal functioning of the system. But few people know about the types of tips for caring for such a device. This will be discussed in our material.


There are many criteria by which the typology of keyboards is determined. By type of connection, input devices are:

  • wired – connects to a computer using a cord via a PS / 2 or USB port;
  • wireless – the connection is made via a USB chip or a Bluetooth interface.

The wireless keyboard needs to be constantly recharged using the built-in battery. The device can also run on batteries.

Keyboards also differ by type of device

  • Membrane. This type is widespread. Each key has an internal membrane, which, when pressed, closes the contact. Each key is capable of withstanding 5 million keystrokes.
  • Scissor. These devices are embedded in laptops. The click is crisp and soft for a comfortable typing experience. Also, the functionality itself imitates the work of scissors, hence the name of the device.
  • Mechanical. This is the most optimal type, although it costs decent money. Each key is equipped with a switch with a metal spring and contacts. This will allow the button to fire before the button is pushed down.

Despite the loud button sound, the tactile sensations of using this type of keyboard are quite pleasant. The device can withstand up to 50 million clicks.

There are also semi-mechanical keyboards that incorporate the best features of the membrane and mechanical keyboards. These are, in fact, the same membrane gadgets, only their service life is much longer.

Design features

The traditional keyboard does not have any sophisticated external parameters.

Classic models look like rectangular objects, made entirely of plastic of any color. Manufacturers also offer rubber keyboards that have an original look, but most often such models are not very comfortable due to the tight pressing of the keys.

There are also a lot of designer types of keyboards. These are wooden, glass, or laser-drawn keys.

But more comfortable – ergonomic and laser. Ergonomically designed, they are made from two parts and follow the natural position of the hands, so that you can avoid the occurrence of carpal tunnel syndrome.

This view is suitable for those who type huge text arrays without looking at the keys.

Laser gaming keyboards have a user-friendly button layout for gamers. There are also backlights and keys with additional functionality. In a word, all the delights for a comfortable immersion in the game world.

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