Considerable Points for Safe Relocation of Your Expensive Piano

Expensive assets need extensive care while handling whether it is the machinery of a commercial place or delicate piano of home. Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a personal piano. If you have one, always keep it safe from all potential threats. As being in a stationary position, the pianos generally remain safe from damage. The main problem occurs when it comes to relocating it to another corner, room, floor or a totally different location. The highest risk of damage persists during the transportation of a piano. From moving, loading to unloading and installing to a new place, numerous complications may occur. Adequate safety equipment and prior experience are the two main requirements for transporting a piano safely from one place to another. Before deciding to relocate, you need to know about its model too. There are 5 types of pianos available in the market i.e.

  • Digital Piano
  • Baby Grand Piano
  • Upright Piano
  • Grand Piano
  • Concert Grand Piano

The piano moving cost differs on the basis of the model you have. The digital version of the piano is the lightest one whereas concert grand pianos are heaviest.

Why choose a professional piano mover

Heavyweight & more delicate equipment are very difficult to carry safely. Even if you manage to lift and load, who will be accountable for any damage during the journey or unloading? Here comes the role of a professional piano mover. There are professional agencies acquiring adequate experience in handling all kinds of pianos with safe hands. After hiring them, it is essential to examine their all activities closely in order to make sure the safe relocation. Here are some important points to consider:-

  • For adequate safety, covers & blankets are the major priorities. There are plastic covers meant for meeping the [piano safe from any potential damage.
  • Without plastic cover straps, the covering material cannot remain stable that may result in displacement.
  • After covering the entire piano, its safe handling is also necessary. For preventing it from any kind of slippery, work gloves are necessary that provides adequate grip.
  • Transportation trolley of a piano is called dolly equipped with wheels for moving the piano conveniently. After bringing it to the ground level, there must be a dolly for fast & safe moving. For safe transportation, hardcovers are used called shoes. These shoes are made with robust material to safeguard externally as well as internally too.

Slippers are also necessary for transportation in some cases when it comes to the handling of a grand or concert grand piano.

Major factors to consider during the entire process

  • Safe lifting of a piano from its primary place without damaging.
  • Moving out with the help of a dolly safely to the transport vehicle.
  • Loading of piano on a safe vehicle platform with the least possible damage probability.
  • Unloading and storing the piano in its new location safely. The piano storage cost comprises all these factors, therefore, choose a professional carefully.

It is advisable to gain complete information regarding the piano moving agency including their most recent track records. Also, compare the price of multiple agencies to know the average service charges of current times.