Constance Hall is flooded with praise after catching ‘toxic’ husband on her secret burner account

Constance Hall used a fake Facebook profile to lurk in ‘toxic’ men’s groups and catch out a woman’s ‘dishonest’ ex-husband.

The mother-of-six, from Perth, admitted she made the burner account disguised as a man called Adam to gain access to the male groups and their secret conversations.

She claims to have done it for ‘research’ but soon became deeply invested after a disgruntled man asked for advice on ‘how to get back at his ex’ for breaking up with him.

‘The responses were typical and gross,’ she said before offering a glimpse into their fetid discussion.

‘Definitely p**s in her underwear draw,’ one man said.

Constance Hall used a fake Facebook profile to lurk in ‘toxic’ men’s groups and catch out someone’s ‘dishonest’ ex-husband

The first man responded: ‘P**s? I’ll sh*t in her undie drawer then send her away for the weekend with the kids and then change the locks. Possession of the family home is very influential in family court proceedings.’

Constance couldn’t help but trawl through the little information the man had on his page to find a relative, then went through their posts and pictures to find the man’s ex partner.

‘I had to find her and warn her,’ she said.

‘I sent her a DM with all the screenshots, all from the burner account and signed it, “A woman who’s done with men’s sh*t”.’

She spent the next week obsessing over whether the other woman had seen the messages; she even sent her a friend request to try to get the message request through.

But when she didn’t hear back she ‘moved on’ and stopped logging in as Adam.

That was until last week when she decided it was as good a tool as any for some idle procrastination.

Much to her surprise there was a message in her inbox from the woman who had responded eight months ago, giving Constance the validation she needed.

‘All it said was, “I can’t tell you how much this has helped me. I am tired of men’s sh*t too. He’s made made my life hell, all while playing innocent in the courts. Thank you”,’ she wrote on a Facebook post.

Her post went viral with more than 53,000 people reacting to the dramatic tale.

Some slammed her for ‘infiltrating’ a ‘safe space’ for men, while others congratulated her for helping women.

‘Even if it was a safe space. All the safe men were not affected. Con hasn’t published anything about that. It was a look for toxic behavior. And she found it. All the lovely guys were not harmed in this investigation,’ one woman said.

‘Thankyou for being Adam,’ said another.

Others called out the ‘toxic’ men in the group. 

‘If men held each other accountable for their behaviour the world would be a much safer and happier place,’ one woman said.

‘Exactly why the family court needs serious reform. The poor women who have to attempt to co-parent with these evil men!’

Others said their exes ‘played the same tricks’.

‘I had the locks changed to my house. His license had the address on it. He called a locksmith out to have a new key done, claiming that he had locked himself out of the house and lost his keys (I found out at a later date),’ a woman recalled.

‘He gained entry to my home when I was sleeping some time after 11 one week night. I used a CPAP machine due to sleep apnoea and woke up at approx 4am to not being able to breathe. My CPAP machine was turned off at the wall.’

Other women admitted they are also in the groups ‘to look out for other women’.

If you or someone you know has safety concerns related to domestic violence call 1800RESPECT (1800 737 732).