Convection Oven Buyers Guide

Once you decide to purchase an oven, you will come across a range of options, among them, a convection oven. Convection ovens are ovens that make use of a fan and exhaust system, enabling them to circulate the heat throughout the system for faster cooking and even heating. Best of all, convection ovens prepare crisp foods, rotisserie chicken, desserts, pizza, and casseroles faster and in better ways than conventional ovens.

However, note that different models of conventional ovens are not the same, which means that you must equip yourself with some knowledge so that you can settle for the best convection oven. To help you with that, below are the features to keep in mind when purchasing a convection oven.

What to consider when choosing the best convection oven

Oven size and capacity

Convection ovens come in a variety of sizes to suit different budget needs and food capacity needs. As such, how much food do you plan to cook using your convection oven at a time? At the same time, how much money have you set aside to purchase your convection oven?

We would recommend that you purchase the biggest convection oven that you will afford to buy, given your budget. The reason I would recommend this is that convection ovens rely on heat circulation for them to cook food evenly. This means that the more space the oven provides for the heat to circulate, the more evenly your food is supposed to cook.

Convection oven versus True convection ovens

Second, determine whether the oven you are about to purchase is a true convection oven or simply, a convection oven. Note that all convection ovens have a fan that enables them to circulate hot air throughout the food. However, there are true convection ovens that integrate a heating element near the fan.

The heating element releases hot air which the fan circulates around the food, a measure that enables this oven to warm the food fast and consistently. Thus, when purchasing your oven, opt for one that integrates terms such as true convection, European convection, or third element in its specifications.


Which kind of display does the convection highlight? Note that displays range from backlit screens, LED-lit buttons, to physical dials without digital displays. I would recommend that you get a convection oven with a backlit display or LED-lit buttons when looking for an appliance that is easy to operate in bright environments or low-lit areas.

However, note that such ovens come at a higher price range compared to those with manual dials, but a higher price could enable you to benefit from more functions and ease of control.


Besides the type of display, convection ovens display a wide range of settings, and these settings are not similar to all models. For instance, most convection ovens integrate settings such as roast, toast, bake, and broil.

However, newer models integrate settings such as dehydrating, warming, air frying, fermenting, and rotisserie. To determine the best option for you, determine whether you will need to use the extra settings and if so, you will need to sacrifice some extra cash to acquire such models since they come at a higher price range.

Setup requirements

Last but not least, you must consider the set-up requirements of the convection oven. In this case, some models are countertop convection ovens while others are wall-mounted convection ovens. Countertop ovens are best suited for people who need a portable convection oven that will not require you to spend more during the setup procedure.

On the other hand, wall-mounted convection ovens are quite expensive but designed to function as full-size ovens that will prepare larger meals and dishes.

The best part of wall-mounted options is the ability to double as conventional ovens, which means that you can use them to make cake or bread, which doesn’t cook perfectly with convection ovens. Thus, determine the pros and cons of countertop models and wall-mounted convection ovens so that you can make a purchase meant to give you the best value for money.


Convection ovens are the best bet when you need the best oven to give your meals the crisp that you crave. However, to achieve the best results, you must purchase the best convection oven that the market has to offer. That said, ensure that you consider each of these features for the best value for money.