Convergent Coffee offers extensive Reviews of Coffee Products

There’s no surprise that coffee machines are an essential part of someone’s kitchen. In 2019, approximately 80% of coffee drinkers enjoy brewing their coffee at home. There are a myriad of ways to brew your favorite cup of java without leaving the house. All you need to do is invest in one of the most convenient coffee machines in the market right now.

How do you begin your search when there are tons of options, to begin with. Knowing which type of machine does what will help you gather information and creative ideas when it comes to home-brewed coffee. First, you need to get familiar with the different types of machines available in the market.

Determine a few factors, budget, ease of use, types of coffee beans compatible, programmable settings, and cup size options are essential. What kind of coffee do you normally drink? Milky coffee, bold and strong, or do you like a variety of hot or cold drinks?

Next is to find a reliable product review that educates and provides helpful information regarding the products you wanted to purchase. For most coffee aficionados, there are important factors that you need to consider. The guys from Convergent Coffee, for example, have tons of helpful guides for coffee enthusiasts. They even provide extensive coffee product reviews and give honest and reliable feedback about the latest products you should check on.

9 Types Of Coffee Machines

Drip Coffee (Electric)

A popular household type of coffee that provides a quick coffee brewing experience. It’s known for affordability, convenience, and durability. It can instantly produce single to four servings of fresh coffee.


When it comes to alternative options for an affordable espresso machine, this one is a perfect fit. It’s ideal for camping and outdoors using a portable stove or over a flame.

Cold Brew

When it comes to consistent and unique concentrated coffee flavor, cold brew machines are an excellent choice. You can dilute or pour on ice your regular coffee, refrigerate your coffee for later and enjoy a low acidic smooth brew in an instant.

AeroPress (Manual)

The AeroPress mimics a huge syringe and produces a smooth espresso drink by hand. It’s affordable. easy to use, and simple. Ideal for an active lifestyle and best for traveling.

French Press

The plunger pot or french Press uses a screen metal filter. It’s travel-friendly, convenient, and low-maintenance. Though it produces a higher acidity cup of java at the same time.

Siphon Coffee Machine

It’s one of the crowd-favorites when it comes to sophisticated aesthetics. With great-tasting and unique flavor, this vacuum pot brewing machine is an excellent showpiece and brewing device in one.


When it comes to reliable and consistent brewing experience, percolators produce a flavorful and hearty pot of java. Though they are fun to listen to and watch, most of these types are now replaced by drip machines.

Espresso Machines

If you are looking for a delicious, rich, and labor-intense yet worth the money you spend, this brewing machine will satisfy the coffee lover in you.

Thermal Electric Coffee

They mimic the process of a drip machine but with a twist. Coffee is brewed in its thermal carafe that is strategically insulated to retain coffee temperature for hours.

Types Of Coffee Beans 

Did you know that coffee beans have 4 primary types? The Robusta, Arabica, Excelsa, and Liberica. Though coffea canephora (Robusta) and coffee arabica (Arabica) are the two most popular around the world.


Whether you are looking for add-ons to your coffee brewing machine collections or want to invest with a brewing machine, it’s best to know which type of product should suit your preference.

There are tons of machines out there and the best way to find the most excellent one is to check reliable product recommendations and intensive reviews. These experts know what you need even before you start asking.