Could colour healing rejuvenate YOUR sex life?

Red has long been considered the colour of passion, and according to one expert that may be more than just an old cliché. 

Sarupa Shah, a British spiritual mentor & business coach, says couple lacking spark in the bedroom department really could benefit from introducing the shade. 

She claims red lingerie, or a touch of scarlet lipstick, can stimulate both your own and your partner’s sensual side. 

And red isn’t the only colour you can use to your advantage when it comes to your relationship – Sarupa says pastel colours can help to soothe fraught nerves, while the colour green can help strengthen a couple’s emotional bonds.  

Sarupa Shah, a British spiritual mentor & business coach, claims that a touch of red lipstick, blusher or even subtle home accessories in the colour can stimulate your passionate side

Speaking to Femail, Sarupa said: ‘Colour healing has fascinated both scientists and mystic for thousands of years. 

‘Everyone has at some point noticed the effects of colour to their mood and sense of wellbeing.

‘Scientific research is also taught in physics classrooms, with each colour emitting a unique signature and wave length.’ 

Sarupa explained how colour therapy has been adopted by health industries and utilised for their psychological impact – with Gatwick Airport following in Japan’s footsteps by introducing blue lighting at its train station. 

The same move at Tokyo’s Yanamote Train Line saw a 75 per cent drop in suicides.  


In the bedroom: Red

Red and its different shades have always invoked passion. A great colour to wear and to add to your makeup. Lipstick? Blusher? It all has colour. When we are aroused blood moves faster to our sexual organs, and that is red in action. 

But avoid red in any décor in the bedroom, as it can over-stimulate and won’t aid a great night’s sleep. A great colour for bedrooms is indigo, just a wall and a few cushions would do the trick. Indigo is a combo of purple and blue so they make great bedroom colours too – just don’t go too bright or pale)

Sarupa Shah, a spiritual mentor & business coach, advises using colour therapy to help heal your relationship

Sarupa Shah, a spiritual mentor & business coach, advises using colour therapy to help heal your relationship

If you want to encourage your partner’s passionate side, they may not be up for a full red makeover, however some red underwear or even socks can bring a subtle change to anyone’s vibration and ignite a romantic spark.

For increased affection: Green 

If it is affection you want more of, then introduce pink into your wardrobe and make up palette. Not too much, just enough. And it is a great accent for  bedroom decor too. Green, nature’s colour can support emotional connection and restore balance so if your partner is lacking in green clothes, you know what to do.

To soothe stress: Pastels 

Is your partner’s work stress putting a strain on your relationship? Soft colours create a softer environment. You only have to look at a baby’s room – while primary colours may be used a little, most parents opt for paler, soothing shades.

A great way to de-stress if you don’t like wearing pastels and pale colours, is to create softness with light. Opt for candles and lamps as they create a calming environment. And for your partner (or you), sky or pale blue pyjamas are perfect for a refreshed and rejuvenating sleep, with the added bonus of blue’s healing vibe.

For more fun: Orange

If your routine has become hum-drum and your motivation has packed its bags, then you will love playing with orange. Orange is motivation in motion, adventure, and excitement and you can introduce this colour in so many ways. Your options are limitless and before you know it, the vibrational effects will work through you and your once boring routine will feel exciting again!

For an important night: The colour you feel most confident in 

If you are on a new date, or have high hopes for an evening with a special someone, it’s important for you to wear colours you feel confident in. Trying a ‘new’ colour on that evening may well put you out of your comfort zone – so stick to your tried and tested favourites.