Council advertise Halloween party for the unemployed only

  • Hull City Council has been accused of discriminating against employed people
  • It invited ‘unemployed parents and their children’ to a free Halloween party
  • An unnamed mother-of-two, who got the leaflet, said ‘it just does not seem fair’

A council has been accused of discriminating against people who work for a living after advertising a free family Halloween party for unemployed people only.

The leaflet was sent out by Hull City Council and was posted through dozens of doors in a council estate in the city centre and also given out at a number of selected primary schools.

It explains how the ‘free family Halloween activities’ are for ‘unemployed parents and their children’ and how ‘fancy dress is optional’.

The leaflet explains how there are ‘free family Halloween activities’ for ‘unemployed parents’ 

The mother-of-two, who does not wish to be named, said: ‘The leaflet was posted through my door and I thought I would take my kids with it being the holidays.

‘Then I read it’s for unemployed parents and children and just thought all kids should be treated the same for these sort of things, even if your parents work or not.

‘This needed to be highlighted. It just does not seem fair really.’ 

Hull City Council said the event is not intended to discriminate, but is funded by the European Social Fund which is set up to help unemployed people.

Marion Kirk, integrated services manager, said: ‘The event is part of wider project Youth Employment Initiative (YEI), funded by the European Social Fund, aimed at supporting single, unemployed young parents aged 15 to 29, living in Hull to find work.

‘The limitations of the funding means those who do not meet the criteria are unfortunately unable to take part.

‘Us Mums deliver an inclusive range of events and sessions across the city offering low cost, accessible, pre and post-natal physical activity initiatives for new and expectant mums under the guidance of fully qualified instructors.’