Country Garden Forest City: The Finest Example of Vertical Greenery System

Nowadays, everybody is becoming more and more aware of environmental protection. People are getting tired of bland city landscapes. The latest naturalistic trends have also influenced architecture. Over the last decade, vertical greenery systems have increased their presence in building designs. The new challenge of the years to come would be how to combine nature with new technology development.

In this article, we will look at vertical greenery systems. We will consider the real example of Country Garden Forest City, looking at the benefits that VGS can bring both to men and the environment.

VGS: New City Design Concept 

In recent years, vertical greenery systems (VGS) have been broadly accepted as a new design strategy. In the past, this new trend was utilized mainly for its decorative purpose. However, lately, Forest City project has started to see this unique architectural concept as a contribution to building a more sustainable environment.

Currently, there are three main types of vertical greenery systems: the modular carrier, the rope & wire support, and the planter systems.

The first method is the modular carrier systems, which consist of resistant, lightweight panel installation. The panels can be wall-mounted or freestanding. The installment can be positioned on a tall building, holding the plant media in a vertical position. The structure is strong enough to support larger plants such as ferns, shrubs, groundcovers, sedges, grasses, and even mosses.

On the other hand, the second type of configuration uses ropes, wires, trellises, high-tensile anchors, and steel cables as supplementary tools. The purpose is to guide the plants up on a vertical surface. Wires can be connected through cross clamps to build a flexible and stable trellis architecture. This arrangement allows for the creation of wonderful green facades.

Finally, we have the planter system, which includes planter boxes installed on regular intervals on a frame. Positioned on top of another, this kind of green wall technology grants full coverage. As for stability, the planter system obtains a similar result to the carrier solution.

Benefits of vertical greenery systems

Design Concept

Vertical greenery systems offer several urban ecosystem services. The design concept behind the integration of VGS in buildings is related to “man going back to nature.” The modern city completely immerses itself in the natural surroundings creates a unique atmosphere. Urban greening projects can create the most suitable ambiance for us to comfortably live and work. As a matter of fact, the nature-inspired design adopted by Forest City has the potential to reduce stress in all types of built environments. In addition to the health benefits, there are indications that attention, learning, and cognitive function could be improved as well.

Energy Saving and Less Pollution

Another important aspect to consider is that green cities are less polluted. Plants allow reducing air pollution by absorbing huge masses of carbon dioxide. In this way, the health of both humans and the environment in Forest City can be better preserved. Finally, did you know about the thermal comfort of sustainable cities? Vertical greenery system installations have a cooling efficiency based on the synergy of shade and evapotranspiration. By controlling the temperature with green walls, energy saving can be better achieved. Vertical greenery systems from Forest City can generate a healthy indoor microclimate, demanding less from your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system.

When talking about Green City, most of the time, people think about some utopistic vision. However, more and more often, we hear news about Country Garden Forest City residential project. Forest City development is the finest example of the innovation of green cities. The cluster stands out as a model of harmonious coexistence of man with nature. On top of that, Forest City Johor Bahru in Malaysia is a sustainable community that includes energy-efficient buildings that meet international environmental protection standards. Forest City Johor is not just about sustainability. The large community also adopts cutting edge technology offering a dynamic and rewarding lifestyle to its inhabitants.


Forest City is a harmonious society welcoming the diversity of cultures of its residents. Country Garden is not only a real estate developer, but the enterprise also constructs and operates green, ecological, and smart cities. The vertical greenery system is perfectly integrated with the wide industry offer of the Forest City. Education, tourism, health care, new technologies, and e-commerce are some of the flourishing industries in Forest City. The company’s goal is to improve upon urban civilization to build the prime model of the future city.

If you are interested in finding the ideal living place for you and your family, Forest City is building your dream paradise.