Covid-19 Australia: North St Marys testing clinic set alight by Covid-19 denying arsons

Gladys Berejiklian slams pandemic deniers who set coronavirus testing clinic on fire and sprayed ‘Covid=lies’ and ‘refuse government control’ on the wall

  • Gladys Berejiklian slammed arsonists after setting Covid testing clinic alight  

Gladys Berejiklian has slammed arsonists who set a testing clinic on fire and spray painted Covid-19 conspiracy theories on its walls.

The premier said she was ‘disappointed’ after the demountable building was set alight and vandalised at North St Marys, in Sydney’s west, at 11pm on Saturday.

‘It is always disappointing when people ignore health advice or pretend that Covid-19 is not a serious problem,’ she said during a press conference on Sunday.  

‘But fortunately, those people are in the minority.’ 

Conspiracy theories were found spray painted on the walls at the site and included phrases, ‘Covid=lies’ and ‘Fight the government, refuse control’. 

‘It is a reminder to us that unfortunately a minority of people do have those views and demonstrate them from time to time and that is the threat of Delta,’ Ms Berejiklian said.    

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