Crop King Seeds Review and Coupon Code

Marijuana seeds that come from a company that has been in the industry for a very long time produce a superb plant that carries consistent levels of THC and CBD. Crop King Seeds has been with a lot of firsts in this industry that brought them to the top of the game. This seed company offers various types of seeds that can match what you desire which includes regular seeds, feminized seeds, auto-flowering feminized seeds, dwarf auto-flowering feminized seeds, and even mixed types like feminized mix and auto-flowering mix.

Crop King Seeds Coupon Code

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Background of the Company

Crop King Seeds has its own share of ups and downs. At some point in time, when they are almost beginning to establish a name for themselves, they decided to close and put on hold all their operations due to the confusion regarding laws in Canada when it comes to the use of marijuana. As soon as the legalization of marijuana in the United States, specifically in Washington and Colorado, pushed through, they began all operations and started to take big steps towards being one of the leading seed banks in the world.

Crop King Seeds makes sure that they deliver nothing but the best quality marijuana seeds that are exuding with superior genetics. At this monument, they took their first few steps by selling 3 feminized strains and 7 regular strains. As the years pass, they began adding more strains to their collection with the introduction of their very own Auto-flowering and Dwarf Low Flyer.

They were known to engage in a lot of firsts for the marijuana industry which includes the world’s very first commercial regarding marijuana that aims to provide legit information with a bit of humor on the side. Aside from that, they also were the first one to have translations for marijuana seeds, they were the first marijuana seed company in Canada that began from grassroots, and the very first ones to promote testing, CBD, and CBN for marijuana strains.

Crop King Seeds were the forerunners of the highly acclaimed marijuana strains including Crown Royale and White Cookies and other popular strains that came all the way from their hardships and dedication in finding new ways to enhance and deliver high quality and perfect genetics marijuana strains. Up to date, Crop King Seeds is very well-known for its production of cannabis seeds aiming to help people deal with their medical condition and even for recreational use.

Main Features of Crop King Seeds

There are more to Crop King Seeds than meets the eye. Here are some notable facts that can help you get to know this cannabis seed company better through the services that they offer for their clients. This Crop King Seeds review will help you have an in-the-know regarding this leading marijuana seed provider.


Crop King Seeds offers various shipping methods depending on your location. First on their list is their regular shipping that requires a shipping fee of around $10. For orders coming from Canada, it usually takes 2 to 7 working days for the delivery to arrive at the given address. People living are remote areas should expect their shipments to arrive at most 7 days while does who are residents of cities near Vancouver will receive their packages around 2 to 5 days.

For USA clients, you can expect your seeds to be in your possession for a maximum of 2 weeks. International orders, on the other hand, are required to have an additional payment of $30 for the shipping fee but this does not include Australia and New Zealand. Deliveries to these countries are quite a hassle and they will not be held responsible if the shipments get confiscated.

The other method that they have is with the use of express delivery that includes tracking of the package. This shipping option costs around $30 or $60 but promises a guaranteed delivery since you can get status updates regarding where your parcel is at with its journey to your home. It takes about 5 to 7 days for the package to arrive at its desired location within North America.

There is a 5% chance of their packages are seized when they try to ship out to other countries. This is why picking the express delivery option is very much recommended since it can help items to get through customs much easier than the regular shipment option.

Payment Methods

Crop King Seeds accepts different payment options including BitCoin, cash (Canadian and US dollars), Mastercard, and Visa. For people living in Canada, also accept Interac E-Transfers as a mode of payment for the seeds that you are purchasing.

If you’re buying seeds from them but are situated in other countries, they only accept US dollars which means that your currency will be duly exchanged equivalent to the real-time exchange rate during the purchase.

As a part of their advocacy for providing quality seeds, they assure you that they will not run with your money without sending you the cannabis seeds that you have ordered. As a matter of fact, they will make more money if they send you the seeds as long as they receive the payment that they deserve. Word of mouth is a very powerful thing nowadays and getting negative remarks, including scams involving money, can hurt their business big time.

Customer Service

Their customer service is beyond excellent. They make sure that every seed is delivered properly and will get into any problems that are experienced by their clients with the utmost responsibility.

Reaching their polite staff is just clicks away and their customer hotlines, whether through Facebook chat, email, or phone or even through their website, you’ll always get fast responses since they have every line up 24/7.

What We Like

Dedication – More than the quality of cannabis seeds and marijuana strains that they deliver, what we like more about Crop King Seeds is their dedication in providing excellent customer service. They are only one of the few that has round the clock customer service personnel that are ready to take every question that you throw and provide adequate answers that will surely bring forth better results.

Payment Methods – They also have a bunch of payment methods that you can deal with depending on your preference. Aside from that, their shipping methods are beyond compare since they offer two different delivery options depending on how fast you like your seeds to get to your possession. Although it may require an added amount, it is all worth the cash.

Popularity – One of the well-known marijuana strains came all the way from their creative minds and careful experimentation which made them climb up that stair and make a name for themselves. They were also pioneers in a different level that helped the marijuana industry become more reliable and sufficient in promoting positive views towards the use of marijuana.

Accessibility – Another thing is that they have physical stores where anyone can buy their seeds. Although it is only accessible to people who are living in Canada, it is still a big plus since it proves that they provide legit seeds in any form and platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • “What types of shipping, delivery, and payment methods does your company offers?”

Most of the questions that are actively asked by the people who are deciding to purchase from their stores include payment methods, shipping concerns, delivery guarantees which are readily answered in the previous sections of this review guide.

  • “Are your seeds of top-notched quality?”

Moreover, people were also curious about the Crop King Guarantee which they fully discussed in their FAQ section. As a form of assurance for the quality of their seeds, they make sure that everything passes through the tedious process of testing, inspections, and selection before it is delivered to their loyal customers and clients.

  • “Is there a possibility that the feminized seeds that I purchased will turn out to be male or hermaphrodite?”

Other questions that are posted on their FAQ page is concerning the gender of the seeds which focuses more on the probability of feminized seeds becoming male or hermaphrodite. They answered it with honesty that at very rare chances, purchased feminized seeds has the possibility to become male or hermaphrodite which are due to the stress that the plant may have encountered during germination. Crop King Seeds also provided remedies and preventive measures to avoid such occurrence which involves separating prospective hermaphrodite or male plants to prevent its spread on neighboring plants.

Conclusion, Crop King Seeds Review

There’s no denying that Crop King Seeds is in front of the pack when it comes to promoting information regarding marijuana seeds, selling out the best quality of cannabis, and the very easy purchase to delivery methods that they have to offer. As a pioneer to almost every single milestone in the marijuana industry, Crop King Seeds is here to suffice the needs of marijuana growers, both beginners, and experts alike, through the cannabis seeds that are present in their database.