Cryptocurrency Converges with Messaging Apps

Many crypto enthusiasts get excited with the idea of talking about cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, smart contracts, ICOs, and other related topics in this field. Here is also one topic that these speculators could have included in their discussion: cryptocurrency and messaging apps.

Several messaging platforms have already begun incorporating blockchain and crypto-related functionality into their apps this year. These platforms stepped into the crypto craze, realising that the features of the technology behind cryptocurrency can help improve their users’ security and privacy.

Messaging apps were not an exemption from cybercrimes. There were a lot of incidents involving hackers that are turning to smaller, closed networks of social media and messaging apps to do their shady businesses.

Everyone deserves their privacy and the right to conduct their lives without being watched. Every user must feel safe in the platform(s) they are using—and that is why cryptocurrency and the technology supporting it are given the role to ensure your safety.

In this article, we will go through a list of these promising messaging apps that welcome cryptocurrencies and continue to lead crypto adoption in the industry.

Status uses Ethereum’s well-developed blockchain to keep its clients’ data safe from presumptuous activities. For all messages, the platform provides end-to-end encryption. Users of Status have access to a decentralised job market, exchange, prediction system, and digital ID service, among other things. You may also use the platform’s built-in browser to view a large number of decentralised apps (dApps).

Dust is a blockchain-based messaging software developed by Radical App, which was co-founded by Mark Cuban. It stands out among many other privacy-focused applications because it has a timed self-erasure feature that deletes communications after 24 hours. Any communication can be cancelled at any moment. It also sends you a notification if someone on the other end of the line takes a snapshot of your chat.

Sense Chat is a fast and decentralized messaging software on the EOS blockchain. The app includes several unique features that are not usually found in texting apps. The software employs a peer-to-peer verification method that enables users to protect the system, avoid frauds, and identify fraudulent accounts. You may also gain its cryptocurrency, known as SENSE, by participating in community events and inviting others.

BeeChat is a messaging software established in South Korea that encrypts your messages using blockchain technology. It also has a blockchain-based app ecosystem because it is cross-chain interoperable with both Ethereum and EOS. BeeChat is not just for one-to-one communication; it also offers community-building tools similar to Telegram.

Sphinx Chat is a Bitcoin second layer network-based application. Each communication delivered and received on Sphinx is a Lightning transaction. This protects against spam and allows you to monetize your content without relying on other parties.

eChat describes itself as a practical, user-friendly chat app that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. While the program’s primary use is talking, it also includes an Ethereum wallet. Users may post material and create subscription channels in eChat’s media area, which also includes a content production part. Other users may tip content producers with eChat’s ECHT token. You may also use e-Chat to make free group calls, with up to 10 individuals sharing a connection.

Sylo is a decentralized chat network and cryptocurrency wallet in one. It is built on a decentralized architecture that ensures your privacy and security, and the user does not need to provide an email or phone number to create an account. You may search for and add any ERC20 tokens and create your custom tokens, using the platform. You may also check your cryptocurrency balance in any currency at any moment. The following currencies are presently supported: USD, NZD, EUR, JPY, AUD, CAD, KRW, SGD, INR, and GBP.

Risk note

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