Currency record holder: Bitcoin growth

Bitcoin has broken all kinds of records in the economic market. To date, the cost of bitcoin is estimated at more than $ 63 thousand.

Experts explain this phenomenon by the fact that the community of cryptocurrencies and investors was aimed at this. Regular sales were carried out, which ended with a rate increase: from $ 44 thousand to $ 52 thousand and $ 56 thousand. Over the course of months, buyers “removed” sellers from the market.

Financiers commented on a possible price pullback in connection with the listing of Coinbase shares and made predictions about the further growth of bitcoin.

Coinbase’s NASDAQ listing is a landmark event in the cryptocurrency industry. In the long term, this will attract a large number of buyers. It is worth noting that a drop in value is not expected, since there are no significant factors or events that can affect this.

Economists believe that this record-high cost will increase, presumably up to $ 70 thousand. It is difficult to name the exact terms yet, but with positive dynamics, the target level will be reached in the next 7-10 days.

Expert Brazhnikov Petr commented on this situation:

«As a buyer of cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoin, I am pleased with this prospect. Bitcoin is developing and conquering the economic sphere and the monetary fund. Soon it will finally get used to it and will be able to seriously compete even with the dollar.

In the age of technology and modernity, it’s time to switch to passive earnings. Novice cryptocurrencies ask where to start – my answer is simple. Choose a reliable exchange and carefully evaluate the market. The dynamics of the growth and fall of prices, forecasts of financiers, news in the field of cryptocurrencies.

Money must work and therefore must be invested wisely. For a long time, I studied information: I visited the stock exchange, analyzed statistics, communicated with successful financiers (fortunately, my profession as a lawyer gave me many useful contacts), I also discovered many interesting resources in which important information is published.

I am betting that we will see bitcoin rise to $ 90,000. We are waiting».